About us

Animejoyful was started in 2020, in the mid’s of the pandemic. I was bored and wanted to create something fresh or comical.

I started with Instagram, started posting memes, videos, edits, and more, the more I shared, the more people liked it. So it encouraged me to post even more. I got my first 200 followers within 2weeks and 500 in one 1month, and slowly but the study started to grow.

Fast forward to 2021, I register Animejoyful as my domain name. It was funny because I changed the name more than 30 times before choosing Animejoyful.

Ok, enough of my story!

Animejoyful is all about fun and engaging with each other, I would love to hear you’re thought on anime, to discuss and talk. So feel free to contact us here.

Here at Animejoyful, I/We are about to discuss Anime, Manga, News&Trends, Games, Some magical reviews, and more!

About The Author (Joyful)

Back in 2016, I had my first encounter with anime, my friend showed me a Dragon Ball, and I instantly fell in love with it. Later on, I watch many animes such as Naruto, One piece, Dragon ball Super, and FMAB and continue watching to this day. 

Quick anime facts about me:

First Anime: Dragon ball

Favorite anime: Violet Evergarden | Naruto | One piece | FMAB | 

Favorite opening: Unravel by Toru Kitajima

Favorite Ending: Michishirube by Minori Chihara

Favorite Male charrecter: Naruto, Rock lee, Luffy, Zoro, Edward

Favorite Female charrecter: Violet Evergarden

Favorite speech: Everything that you thought had meaning: every hope, dream, or moment of happiness. None of it matters as you lie bleeding out on the battlefield. None of it changes what a speeding rock does to a body, we all die. But does that mean our lives are meaningless? Does that mean that there was no point in our being born? Would you say that of our slain comrades? What about their lives? Were they meaningless?… They were not! Their memory serves as an example to us all! The courageous fallen! The anguished fallen! Their lives have meaning because we the living refuse to forget them! And as we ride to certain death, we trust our successors to do the same for us! Because my soldiers do not buckle or yield when faced with the cruelty of this world! My soldiers push forward! My soldiers scream out! My soldiers RAAAAAGE! By Erwin Smith!

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