Crazy princess Renia( Mad princess Renia) is a novel written by Asura Lin.

The novel was first released in 2019 with Romance, Fantasy, and Drama in mind. The novel now has 5 volumes and + 1 side story [196 Chpaters].

The story follows the same plot as others, ‘The idea of reincarnation.’ Still, the story of Crazy Princess Renia relates differently from other Manhwa, as you’ll know soon know later down.

If you have not read the Manhwa yet or just do not feel like reading 200+ chapters, then this article is perfect for you, this article will include everything you need to know about Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler [indepth].

Princess Renia is a Beautiful appearance with blonde hair and dark green eyes. The only princess of the Kingdom of Pontiano. A flower of social circles that is considered a model for a lady.

Our Main male protagonist, clovis zenoff, has Nobody will ever be able to criticize the male protagonist since he doesn’t truly have any flaws. He was in love with the female protagonist, and they were in a relationship in his former life, but a string of unfortunate events led to both of their untimely deaths. The female protagonist returns, and a cliché occurs; she doesn’t want to experience the same tragedy again, so her only option is to attempt to steer clear of the male protagonist or even make him despise her. Expect a severe political book, not a fluffy love story.

Story of Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler 


“Why did you die? 

You were reborn. Why is that? 

In actual fact, today was the best day ever for her. 

Her entire body seemed to melt. Then she woke up, she was unable to find him where she had gone. Even his footprints. 

Even his footprints. Lenia was born in Fontiano. Her blissful days as a flower was destroyed by her wedding to Duke Clovis Zenov. 

He is sentenced to execution for murdering Lenia Zenov and the Duke Clovis Zenov. It was An unwise moment in which the man wanted to die as well as the blessings of God and was convinced that regardless of what he did to get out of reality. 

She stated that God only grants human beings suffering so that they can’t die, and she is afflicted with death due to her omnipotence, and the only thing she could do was pray for blessings. 

To get out of this hell and to obtain the blessing of forgetting. In the end, all memories are lost, and you will find tranquility in the hands of God. She just wished for it and then stabbed the knife on the neck’s nape. However, God did not grant his one last wish. 

In fact, he did not pay attention, but he destroyed the hope and then returned to despair. 

It was back to hell. It also brought back all her worst memories of her life’s best moments. I’m not able to go back to those times again. 

She couldn’t avoid it.

She was with him. 

She proposed to him.

The story continues!!

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Quick Recap on Crazy Princess Renia

The plot takes place in a world where the kingdom’s next ruler is determined by the person born on the first day of spring.

If it is a girl, she will become queen; if it is a boy, he will become king.

As a result, parents all over the country are eager to have children before the big day.

Helena and Fred are two very different people about to embark on an adventure.

They meet at the ceremony where their daughter, the new Queen or King, is to be crowned.

They meet crazy princess Renia, aunt Lydia and her husband, Colonel Roelker. The latter are childless because they were too busy fighting wars for us.

They reveal themselves to be Helen’s true grandparents. Still, she is no longer eligible for succession because she was born on March 1st, making her ineligible to become Queen or King.

Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler: Lenia Alessedby

Crazy Princess Renia
Crazy Princess Renia
  • Spoiler of Renia before reincarnation

Marriage is necessary for a strong alliance with the Cristiano Empire. As soon as the word that Duke Clovis Genofi is looking for a marriage mate, his father, King William of Pontiano, rushes in.

Listen and get married.

When he sees Clovis, whom he met for the first time at the Sentière Road Gate, he feels his heart tremble so much that his face turns red, and he falls in love with Clovis at first sight.

She loves Clovis but doesn’t get affection because she doesn’t love herself, so she’s always lonely throughout her life as Clovis’s woman.

For half a year before Clovis dies, they are happy to know each other’s feelings and to love and care for them.

Pontiano’s only prince and brother ‘Ludwig Alesduby’ tells Clovis that he must urgently see Cloris.

Instead of reassuring Clovis to take the guards with him, he forced Clovis to eat the chocolate that Ludwig had sent me, saying it was sweet.

Because of what is in the chocolate, Clovis can’t hold his sword correctly, saying that if there is a next life, then it will be me, and he dies in his arms without continuing his words.

Clovis was sentenced to death as the culprit of Duke Zenov’s murder, and he denied the denial, but no one believed him.

Of the baby dies in the womb.

People who said they loved me took advantage of me, and Clovis, who died because of him, died, so the Cristiano Empire, which was taken away by Diorens, fell into a kingdom, and he became a clone.

He regrets that his brother Ludwig and his mother, Queen Roanne, would not have dreamed in vain if they had not married Vis and that Clovis, the child in her womb, and the people of Pontiano would not have died.


I believed in God and begged for my life in near death, but God did not answer his call, so Rodrigo, not God, told me not to forgive him and gave me a dagger to die.

Thank you for making it happen, and he stabs himself with a blade in the nape of his neck to die.

Clovis asks to meet again in the next life, but he never wants to see him again.

  • A story after reincarnation

He returns to the age of 18 right after the coming-of-age ceremony and when Clovis and Marriage come and go, with the memories of his horrible past life intact.

He tries to die several times to deny this unbelievable reality, but he survives without dying due to the surrounding observers.

The memories of Clovis’ death and the countless innocent people who died because of him writhing in pain.

Rumor has it that he was full of dignity on his 18th birthday, refusing to play a game with hostility and hatred against his older brother Ludviha and his mother Roanne.

It spreads around the capital and is nicknamed the Mad Princess.

People misunderstood his behavior because he had just returned and could not accept the reality and because he was called that, he was separated from those who annoyed him.

Thank you for the nickname because you have time to clean it up.

He can’t get Clovis to die by getting involved in his life again, so he just wants Clovis to live without knowing him, so he just sits by the world blankly.

Beyond the feelings of injustice and resentment towards Clovis, who has met him again, he fears that he will face the emotions of the past again.

Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler: Clovis Zenoff

Clovis Zenoff
Clovis Zenoff
  • A spoiler of Clovis Zenoff before reincarnation.

My older brother, the Emperor, hates me for possessing everything he doesn’t have, curses me, uses secret methods to constantly threaten his life, and tells the young Crown Prince Dionald to treat him with respect.

Sow hatred, The goal is to get out of sight of Hwang and the Crown Prince, and he wants to live as if he is trying to do just that.

There is no benefit to himself if he gets Pontiano’s princess, ‘Lenia Alesduby,’ but the marriage to Lenia becomes a justification to escape from the gaze of the Emperor and the prince, and they get married.

He is cold to others but tries to be kind to Lenia.

When the Emperor fell, he called himself and asked me to die for the crown prince, but he refused, and rumors spread that he was trying to usurp the current Emperor by killing the current Emperor with numerous achievements.

As it spreads, the prince begins to show his complete hostility and hatred toward himself, and the aristocratic society is divided.

Because of the chocolate that Lenia had fed him, he couldn’t hold his sword correctly, left a message to Lenia that we would meet again in the next life, and died in Lenia’s arms.

With his own death, Cristiano’s empire is completely overthrown by Diorens.

  • A story After regression

When I was young, Lenia existed in my fragmented memories from the beginning, and I didn’t know that it was me who was looking at him, but at some point, he was engraved with repeated memories and dreams.

Realize that you are Worrying about whether she is living with a woman she doesn’t have in her memory, or if she’s crazy, she feels frustrated as if her dreams are going crazy in her daily life.

I can’t find Lenia even though I frantically search for women’s portraits and stir the social world, thinking that if I’m looking for Lenia, I’ll lose interest and forget about it.

To acquire a market economy that extended throughout the empire, he secretly reached out to the aristocrats in the neighboring small kingdoms who were able to attend imperial and imperial meetings, as if he was trying to usurp the Emperor.

It moves slowly without the Emperor and the Crown Prince as if drawing a work.

As soon as he heard that the scene he thought was nonsense in his memory and that he was having an affair with Lenia, who was already rumored to be a crazy princess, was already in the whole empire, and the woman in his memory was Lenny.

He goes to the Kingdom of Pontiano to check if he is right.

He went to Lenia’s back to the Rose Palace without anyone noticing. He saw Lenia looking down on the railing and at me, denying Lenia’s existence and restraining herself.

The moment I am convinced that I am a person in my dream, I laugh for no reason enough to forget that it is a marriage that the Emperor is sure to make happen.

Lenia screams out of fear, not just in embarrassment.

I went on a journey to check the top and bottom of the port of Dion in Loud and was about to marry Lenia, who was already rumored to be a crazy princess, so I went to the Kingdom of Fontiano and went to Milton Street. stay

Review on Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler

I assumed it would be simple to read because of the title, but it turned out to be rather hefty.

I apologize for the lengthy explanation, but the meaning is excellent, and the author has strong writing abilities.

There are several characters since it’s a political issue rather than just a setback.

It’s challenging to focus on the plot since it’s difficult and unclear to read.

The Manhwa also has some unwanted adult scenes, which I think are entirely unclear from the plot.

Anyone who enjoys fiction and wants to discover a new setting without venturing too far from their comfort zone should read this book. 

Many people adore Crazy Princess Renia because it offers fascinating insights into Princess Renia’s life, including how she spends her time away from the palace. Additionally, the vast spoiler is handled to avoid giving away too much while keeping readers in the dark.

Final say

Hope you like the Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler, the Manhwa is excellent to read.

You will get hooked if you like to read 200 chapters. That is, anyway, tell me your thoughts on this Manhwa.

What was your favorite moment in this Manhwa?

Until then, Stay Joyful.


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