This is such an exciting question. 

I have asked myself many times “Does being cute get Anime Top rated” and wondered whether there is a category for Anime or it’s in general. I’ll take an example of Anya from SpyxFamily, an adorable child, for this question.

Anya from SpyxFamily is adorable indeed, So cute that everywhere I go, I see her face -_-.

If you know what I mean, Anyway!

I’ll try to answer this question differently than others! It is more about what I think about this.

But with all due respect, I don’t mean to hate this Anime at all, In fact, “I love it.” 

First, Let’s Look at the story of SpyxFamily.

Why SpyxFamily is so Popular?

It is a human tendency to get curious by mixing things that are not meant to be a mix together, but when you do create something that hasn’t been created before, then everybody gets excited. A perfect example is SpyxFamily.

One of the main reasons for SpyxFamily to get this popular is its comedy element.

This set a benchmark for other Anime to create this kind of comedy, an exciting and on to the point comedy, A type of comedy that is unexpected and hilarious from 4-year-old Anya.

And how can we forget the most significant point of all!!!

Anya’s mother, Forger Yor.  

Damn, she is a mother!! Hmm, Sorry…

An assassin who is highly inexperienced at cooking will often leave the cooking to Loid. But a great assassin, a strong one, and importantly beautiful.

Does being cute get Anime Top rated

Of course, think of it as a Chree on Top. A cute Anime girl can make a show indeed go viral in no time. Especially an adorable cute child-like Anya.

Now, I’m not criticizing the Anime but rather questioning it. Does being cute can get Anime Top Rated? The simple answer is, Yes! It does help Anime a lot. 

I mean, Just look at it: more than 683,881 members are already in SpyxFamily in MyAnimeList. 

Spyxfamily Members
Spyxfamily Members

It’s freaking mindblowing to me.

First, Let’s Look at the story of SpyxFamily.

Today Anime focus on pretty, cute character designs

Today Anime focus on pretty, cute character designs
Anya 🙂

Today focuses on pretty, cute anime character designs rather than an interesting plot and character development. This is the case for 80% of the Anime, and I think Spyxfamily is an exception here because of its unique storytelling idea and exciting plot.

Some keynote on why Pretty sells:

  1. A simple audience: This means that fans of Anime don’t seek “a good, deep, interesting” plot. Since that’s not a way to determine if an anime is good.
  2. Cute-sells:  Yes, cute does sell, in many ways, even better than others. 
  3. Too Ecchi: Almost every Anime nowadays have fan service, and it is not the industry’s fault! It is we who are interested.
  4. We support: Shocking, doesn’t it? We do support Anime that has fan service, even if we criticize it.

What makes people think Anime is adorable?

They appear to be lovely and resemble human-like characteristics. This is To highlight their attractiveness, cuteness, and emotion

Voice of Anime Matters 

Akari Kitō
Akari Kitō

Voice actors play a vital role when it comes to character development, Just look at Nezuko’s voice actor (Akari Kitō) or Kanna Kamui’s voice actor (Maria Naganawa) both are phenomenal voice actors.

Good damn cute anime voice gets the show to another level in popularity and revenue. 

We all love to, especially when there is a dialogue that is written explicitly to get you hock, for e.g., ara ara – from Demon Slayer (Kocho Shinobu)

or Oi Oi Oi – from My hero Academy(Bakugou).

SpyxFamily – Overview

Anya from Spyxfamily
Anya with her father

Incompetent politicians, violent nationalists, and other warmongering forces continuously threaten the thin layer of peace between the neighboring nations Ostania and Westalis. 

Despite their schemes, the infamous agent and expert in deceit “Twilight” fulfill dangerous missions each time with the intention that no child has to go through the horrors of war.

Within the busy Ostanian town located in Berlin, Twilight dons the pseudonym that of “Loid Forger,” a highly-regarded psychiatrist. 

But his real goal is to collect information on the prominent political figure Donovan Desmond, who only shows up infrequently at the school of his sons, The famous Eden Academy. 

In enlisting the assistance of City hall official Yor Briar as his wife and adopting the curious orphan of six years, Anya, to be his child, Loid implements the master strategy. 

He’ll admit Anya into Eden Academy, where Loid hopes she will succeed and allow him for a meeting with Donovan without suspicion.

Unfortunately for Loid, the man with his talent cannot portray the image of an affectionate husband and father. Like Loid has been hiding his true identity, Yor, an underground assassin dubbed “Thorn Princess,”–and Anya, an esper who can read people’s minds–have not made plans to reveal their secrets, either. 

While this perfect family is built on deceit, The Forgers gradually realize that their love for one another is more significant than all other things.

Final Say 

I’m sure some of you may not agree with me, and that’s fine. We are here to question and discuss, not to argue, and I hope I answer your question, “Does being cute get Anime Top rated.” 

There are no right or wrong answers, just opinions. Have your own thoughts, and let’s discuss them in the comment. 

Stay Joyful.


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