We all wonder, at some point, does Saitama has a girlfriend or will he ever develop a love interest.

The first person who comes to mind is Fubuki

Getting to know Saitama’s girlfriend is an exciting quest in itself, wondering
if will Saitama ever gets a girlfriend. Fubuki, we all know, is getting interested to know Saitama better. When she first meets Saitama in his apartment to make him join her party.

Is there any chance that Fubuki likes Saitama?

Let’s find out

But before that, let’s see.

How Fubuki meets Saitama first.

Fubuki meets Saitama for first time - Saitama girlfriend
Fubuki meets Saitama for first time

The first time they came across each other was. When Fubuki was trying to make it, Saitama joined her group because she was anxious about her position. 

She instantly started fighting agents Saitama in his apartment. After seeing how, powerful Saitama was, he could fend off the Speed-of-Sound Sonic and found out that he had friends from A-Class and S-Class.

She began admiring him and then decided to sign up with Saitama’s team…

At times, she can be seen with Genos and King at Saitama’s house

She appears to be determined to make Saitama a part of the Blizzard Group. Her latest endeavour was unsuccessfully attempting to take on Saitama during a videogame competition that did not succeed due to King’s help. 

Although she knew that Saitama was more powerful than the other regarding strength, she was unsure if Saitama could even beat Sweet Mask and her sister. 

Fubuki is often annoyed with his conduct. For instance, Fubuki did not listen to her advice and later dropped the restaurant bill to pursue Garou. He was extremely angry with her.

However, she could still return the cabbage he took from the restaurant. She was also ready to forget the mishap if he offered to apologize to her. 

Fubuki was also showing a more gentle aspect of her towards him and was showing lots of compassion for him, something few people who know him can do.

And the story continues…

Does Fubuki Like Saitama
Does Fubuki Like Saitama

Does Fubuki Like Saitama

Fubuki is a member of the Hero Association and has a crush [kinda] on Saitama, a powerful hero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch. However, Saitama is not interested in Fubuki romantically and has no feelings for Fubuki.

Who is saitama’s love interest

Saitama does not have a love interest, nor is he interested in a girl in the series although. Fubuki, the Blizzard Of Hell, is a character that fans love to support, Saitama. His relationships with the other characters are portrayed as platonic, and he is not shown to be romantically interested in any one character.

Who likes Saitama?

Many characters from the series, like Saitama, include GenosMaster bangKing, and Fubuki. Specially Genos and Fubuki, Genos as a disciple, and Funuki as a love interest. 

Who Does Saitama Marry?   

Saitama is not married to anyone and has no plans to marry anyone soon. Probably unlikely because Saitama has no desire to marry or even have a crush on anyone, and there isn’t a single female who appears to be interested in getting engaged to Saitama.

Does Fubuki Have a Crush On Saitama    

The story of OPM needs to tell us the answer to whether Fubuki likes Saitama or not. Yet, Fubuki’s action and moment of surprise show that Fubuki does like Saitama in some ways, but not in romantic ways.

Is There Romance In One Punch Man

In the “One Punch Man” series, the focus on power and combat is not affected by romance. Many series involving politics, combat, and especially superheroes often include romance as an important aspect. However, “One Punch Man” is different because it does not have many unnecessary features, and the main story is not impacted by relationships or families between the main characters. These relationships and families are not included in the series except as side jokes.

Will Saitama have a girlfriend?

saitama and fubuki in middle of fight
Saitama and Fubuki in middle of a fight

Probably not, Saitama’s not interested in getting married or even having any crush on anyone, and there isn’t a single girl who seems to be interested in getting engaged to Saitama.

Even if Fubuki or any other girl is interested.

Saitama has already lost all of his emotions, and the fact that he has broken his limiter.

Maybe there will be a chance that he’ll become normal or lose his power.

In one of the final moments as he becomes a regular guy. 

In actuality, One Punch Man is very low on romance, therefore we shouldn’t hold any chance of a romance.

And the big fact is…

He only loves challenges and sales at the supermarket

challenges and sales at the supermarket
challenges and sales at the supermarket

Ha Ha Ha…

Sorry, I couldn’t control myself, Anyway.

Fubuki has shown an odd relationship with Saitama since her introduction. 

She will occasionally show up in his house along with his other acquaintances. 

Attracted by the way S-Class heroes have become friends with her, she clearly desires to improve herself and become more appealing to people.

Final Say

Anyhow, I hope this clears your mind on Saitama having a girlfriend situation, Saitama already has enough problems in his world, always destroying houses by villains, and now Fubuki.

The problem is too powerful… Hmmm

Stay Joyful.


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