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Lets us explore the characters of this dramatic persona. 

This article will discuss everything we know about Gear 5th Luffy.

A rubber boy who sets out on a quest to become the King of the pirates believes that when he becomes King of the pirates, he will obtain “The most Freedom” in the world.

Luffy’s most powerful form revels, and it’s Gigant awesomeThe peak of his form has been hinted at before in chapter 1041, panel 16.

Gear 5th Hint
Gear 5th Hint – Reddit – u/DJ_S31

Here is Oda’s sensei answering fans question.

Hint of Luffy being Zoan type Devil Fruit.
Hint of Luffy being Zoan type Devil Fruit.

Gear 5th Luffy – Store behind it 

Gomu Gomu no Mi user is only limited by his own imagination. The fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi is so powerful that even Five elders are afraid of its presence. 

Especially of its awakening.

Zenusha remember Joyboy
Zenusha remember Joyboy

The fruit had been a prized possession of the World Government for nearly 800 years until Shanks and his crew stole it in recent history. Monkey D. Luffy, the series’s protagonist, ate it by mistake twelve years ago.

It is said that the awakening of Gomu Gomu no Mi, is previously called “Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika” Hito Hito No Mi model: Nika, gives the user’s rubber-like body more physical power and flexibility.

This is the reason that it is believed to be”the ” Warrior of Liberation” (J解放の戦士 – Kaihō no Senshi) is that Liberation is the ability to achieve a state that is beyond the domain of freedom and enlighten everything in the world.

The user of Gomu Gomu no Mi (Nika” Hito Hito No Mi ) is capable of fighting in any way they want. They are the most unrestrained people who bring happiness to the people surrounding them.

This makes it “the most unearthly strength in the world.”

The first time Luffy awakened his Devil Fruit and went in Gear 5th, his condition was vital. His heartbeat beats like a Drum in an aural rhythm explained by Zunesha as the “Drums of Liberation” (J解放の戦士 – Kaihō no Senshi). 

luffy awakening gear 5
luffy awakening gear 5

His hair and clothing turn white, his eyes are glistening with white ring-like eyes, and white clouds appear over his head like the steam clouds accompanying Luffy in Gear Fourth

The amount of Haki produced by this form was so large that it was felt across the Skull Dome’s Live Floor, knocking out several Beasts Pirates in the process.

And those the battle of century stated Luffy vs Kaido.

Cartoonist effect on Gear 5th Luffy

Cartoonist effect on Gear 5th Luffy
Cartoonist effect on Gear 5th Luffy

One of the most noticeable characteristics of this fruit is the cartoonist-like effects the users have, especially if it’s the person is Luffy, whose ultimate dream is to become the freest person in the entire world.

Even the opponent gets a cartoonist effect when the fruit user attacks them. 

One example is eyes-popping effects and cartoon-like welts that appear after an injury to the head. When in this state, the person is in a state of joylaughter, and confidence.

eyes-popping effects
eyes-popping effects

Luffy’s formerly rubbery physique has been reinforced, accessible, and endurance that much beyond the benefits Luffy would have had in his past appearances in such a way that it’s now cartoonishly flexible, with Kaidou comparing the shape to “something out of a picture book.” 

Luffy was hit directly in one of Kaidou’s Bolo Breath assaults and escaped with minor injuries. His body was scorched (rather amusingly) before rushing back to face Kaidou. 

Another instance is when he activated Gear 5 and took a head hit by Kaidou’s Hassaikai.

Luffy take hit from Kaidou's Hassaikai
Luffy take hit from Kaidou’s Hassaikai

He was able to wait for his victim’s head to change shape into the weapon’s spikes. Or, when Kaidou attempted to smash him to the surface, Luffy’s body only squished and then was able to return to its original form.

Luffy can use the limb inflation of Gear 3 and the muscle inflation of Gear 4 without the need to inject gas into his own body before and then use it against Kaidou. 

Luffy expanded his arm’s size to grasp Kaidou’s changed body and pull him from his Skull Dome. With his massive muscles and limbs, Luffy could easily handle Kaidou, despite his size, and swing his body from side to side. 

Luffy can also inflate his entire body all at once, transforming him into a Gigant monster. Luffy alters his body in a flash while manipulating the earth with the force of a rubber.

Luffy’s rubbery characteristics

Luffy's rubbery characteristics
Luffy’s rubbery characteristics

Luffy’s rubbery characteristics can extend to the surrounding environment, such as in the video below, where Luffy stretched a roof piece to bounce Kaidou’s Bolo Breath back towards the latter. 

It is interesting to note that the changed terrain, although flexible, was not burned or melted due to Kaido’s Bolo Breath, even though the attack was revealed to be extremely hot and packed enough power to demolish the castle as well as the mountain high up.  

Luffy's rubbery characteristics
Luffy’s rubbery characteristics

The power also seems to be able to alter organic materials and is demonstrated by the fact that Kaidou literally took Luffy’s entire attack and began to see Luffy’s body expand. 

This, along with Luffy’s altered state, was pointed out by Kaidou to be highly unusual since it contains aspects of the two Paramecia and Zoan awakenings. 

Luffy has demonstrated that he can apply this effect to non-physical objects like lightning.

This Gear 5 transformation wears off

Gear 5 transformation wears off
Gear 5 transformation wears off

Luffy instantly becomes old due to his overuse of Gear 5th agents kaido. Due to the inexperience of form, it consumes a lot of energy from Luffy. Those making him weak in an instant. 

On the other hand, Luffy may revert to his original shape by forcing his heart to beat to the “Drums of Liberation” rhythm. Furthermore, Luffy retains his ability to cut attacks.

Abilities of Gear 5th Luffy 

Gomu Gomu no Gigant (ゴム ゴム の 義眼t)

Gomu Gomu no Gigant
Gomu Gomu no Gigant

Gomu Gomu no Gigant is Luffy’s most robust and giant form yet, so big that Kaido looks tiny in front of Luffy. Another big leap in this form is Luffy start playing with Kaido in Dragon form as a skipping rope, this shows how powerful Gomu Gomu no Gigant really is.

This technique enlarges Luffy to the size of a giant, even bigger than Elbaf gaint. 

Activating this ability is simply inspired by the Gear 3 technique, but in this case, it’s his whole body.

Gomu Gomu no Fusen (ゴム ゴム の 付箋 )

Gomu Gomu no Fusen
Gomu Gomu no Fusen

You may be already familiar with this technique, which Luffy used many times in his Gear 3rd form

“Balloon” (literally “Rubber Rubber Balloon“): Luffy’s body becomes incredibly buoyant, similar to a helium balloon, in this variation of Luffy’s common technique. 

Luffy initially utilised this against Kaidou in his dragon form, entering the Emperor’s body and expanding himself and the dragon. 

Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun (ゴム ゴム の 場j欄g 軍 )

Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun
Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun – Color By( Greiish)

This is the Gear 5 version of Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun, where the weapon is inflated to as big Onigashima and fuses It using Busoshoku in addition to Haoshoku Haki.

Then he unleashes it on his opponent to strike them with a punch without direct contact. Instead, he releases Haki outward to deliver an incredibly powerful punch. 

It was initially used against Kaidou, who resisted the attack using the Shoryu Kaen Hakke and caused a major collision. It was then able to defeat Kaidou’s strategy, which sent him onto the earth, creating an apparent hole in line with his target’s particular shape. 

“Bajrang” could be the alternative name for Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey God, and Hanuman, which could be a model for Sun Wukong.

Gomu Gomu no Kaminari (ゴム ゴム の 雷 )

Luffy gives it rubber characteristics to capture a lightning bolt, then hurls it at his opponent. At first, this was utilised against Kaidou, but he could avoid the strike.

Power of thunder – Rubbery lightning

Gomu Gomu no Kaminari
Gomu Gomu no Kaminari

Gear 5th Luffy can manipulate the lighting of his will, grant him a power of thunder, and turn himself and his sounding rubbery.

So powerful, even Kaido himself acknowledges Luffy like he is the freest.

In his Gear Fifth form, Luffy leaps above Kaido and physically captures a lightning bolt at the end of Chapter 1046. 

We learn Luffy has a natural affinity for lightning that was previously exhibited in Skypiea, and it’s no secret that he’s resistant to the effects of lightning.

Is Luffy a God?

Is Luffy a God
Is Luffy a God

Yes, Luffy is a God, “Sun God Nika” ( 太陽神ニカ ), A warrior of libration, Who brings smiles to faces when he goes. Who’s-Who was the first to mention him after hearing about the legend from a jail guard while imprisoned by the World Government.

There are many references & highlights of Luffy being God.

No Wonder Eiichiro Oda’s favourite panel is this!!

Final Say on Gear 5th

Well, One Piece does surprise us with its amazing form and ability. Gear 5th definitely nailed it when it comes to transformation, unlike other Anime where MC scream like no other. 

Gear 5th Luffy and his peak form will always be my favourite. 

Personal, I don’t think this is his final or peak form. There will be another form like this, maybe like Gear 4th transformation where is snakemanTankman, You get the point!!

I want to know what you think – will there be another form of transformation?

Stay Joyful.


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