No, douth Gojo Satoru is strong, if not the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen. 

But don’t underestimate Makima!

Makima can kill Gojo instantly if she thinks she is superior to Gojo, but I don’t think she is stronger than Gojo, at least not physically.

This is the impossible Battle between Makima vs Gojo because we don’t know the limitations of Makima’s power. 

The author never truly gave us the answers of her abilities.

Makima would be easily defeated by Satoru Gojo. Despite having a range of abilities at her disposal, Makima can only control beings more powerful than her, and Gojo is considerably more powerful than her in every way.

But why tho, that the question we are answering in this article.

In this article, You will find the exact answers – who will win in Battle to death fight.

Makima vs Gojo
Makima vs Gojo

Background of Gojo and Makima

To understand the magnitude of their clash, we must first familiarize ourselves with the backgrounds of Gojo and Makima. Gojo, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Jujutsu Kaisen,” is a powerful sorcerer known for his exceptional combat skills and the ability to manipulate cursed energy. His domain expansion, Limitless, grants him unparalleled control over space and time, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with.

On the other hand, Makima, from the series “Chainsaw Man,” is a mysterious and enigmatic character with an array of supernatural abilities. She possesses the power to manipulate contracts and control the actions of others, earning her the title of Control Devil. Makima’s strategic mind and cunning nature make her a formidable opponent in any battle.

Clash of Powers:

When considering the clash between Gojo and Makima, it’s essential to analyze how their powers match up against each other. Gojo’s Limitless allows him to manipulate space and time, giving him the advantage of swift and precise attacks. His ability to create impenetrable barriers and nullify enemy attacks makes him virtually untouchable in combat. However, Gojo’s immense power comes with its limitations, such as the strain it puts on his body and the time limit he can maintain his domain expansion.

In contrast, Makima’s Control Devil powers grant her the ability to control others and manipulate contracts. Her control extends to both humans and demons, making her an unpredictable and formidable adversary. Makima’s abilities are not limited by physical constraints, allowing her to exploit her opponents’ vulnerabilities effortlessly. However, her powers heavily rely on contracts, and severing these contracts weakens her influence.

Gojo vs Makima – Why can’t Makima defeat Gojo

  • Makima only controls those she defeats in Battle (the biggest adventure for Gojo)
  • Makima has to convince or force humans to say the name of Gojo to die.

I think controlling and convincing someone to take the name of the target, these two ability of Makima makes her a strong candidate for Gojo, but despite that, Makima still won’t be able to kill Gojo.

Altho this is a strong doubt, Gojo’s self-confidence alone should be enough to make her doubt herself. Not to mention the fact that she just keeps going based on the possibility that this is a no-limit fallacy for an ability that we haven’t seen used very often.

But the big question remains the same!

Do Makima’s powers really get past Infinity?

As Gojo explains, Only the user can disable the Infinity Domain Expansion or Domain Amplification.

Angel's weapons Makima
Angel’s weapons Makima

Others cannot be able to disable the Infinity Domain Expansion

But It is also possible to disrupt or dispel the Infinity using cursed instruments that have been infused with certain cursed techniques but cannot entirely deactivate.

There are two possible ways Makima can get break Infinity.

  • Angel’s weapons

The Angel Devil transforms siphoned lifespans into weapons that possess magical properties, such as Aki’s katana, which can cut through the otherwise intangible Ghost Devil.

  • Sacrifice name of target

Makima makes a symbol using her hands and tells the sacrifice to say their target’s name. The sacrifice is then killed, and the target is crushed. The people around her can close their eyes while she uses this ability.

Although I agree that Gojo would undoubtedly prevail in a straight fight, we still need to include a significant portion of Makima’s identity as a character and a villain

Someone who excels most in tricking and controlling other people. Therefore, if Makima had the chance to adequately prepare for the fight, she would undoubtedly find a way to mistreat Gojo

It would be more balanced, but I wonder if it would be enough to win the fight.

Can Gojo beat Makima in Battle?

You might think Gojo has to kill her 125,000,000 times for Makima to die. (As of Current, Japan’s population is 125,000,000)

As Mei Mei stated that Gojo alone could kill every human in this country if he wanted to.

Gojo alone could kill every human in Japan
Gojo alone could kill every human in Japan

That proves it, right?. That Gojo vs Makima fight will end up with Gojo winning.

Here are some of Gojo’s power and why they are the most badass ones.

Can Makima beat Gojo

Makima is a powerful sorceress who has the ability to control any being weaker than herself. However, when she faces off against Gojo, the skilled jujutsu sorcerer, she quickly realizes that he is her equal, if not superior.

Makima can transfer fatal damage to a random Japanese citizen, which could give her an advantage in battle. However, this trick won’t work against Gojo, as he lives in Japan and could be the victim of Makima’s human sacrifice technique.

Even though Makima can cause harm simply by looking at her opponents, Gojo has a powerful reverse cursed technique that has proven to heal him from even the most severe injuries

It’s debatable whether Makima’s invisible force could get past Gojo’s infinite powers. Ultimately, Makima may try to remove Gojo’s head with her sword, but he is limitless, making it a formidable challenge.

In the end, Gojo’s powers may prove to be too much for Makima, causing her control powers to fail. It’s impossible to say who would come out on top in a battle between these two skilled sorcerers. Still, it would undoubtedly be an exciting and intense showdown.

Who Is Stronger Makima Or Gojo?

Makima would be easily defeated by Satoru Gojo. Although Makima possesses a range of abilities, the main point is that she can control inferior beings. Still, Gojo is considerably superior to her in every way.

Is Makima Stronger Than Gojo

No, Makima is not stronger than gojo, even though having Angel’s weapons controlling ability, Makima is still not strong enough to beat gojo in any way.

Makima has powerful abilities, but it is highly unlikely that she would be able to defeat Satoru Gojo in battle. Gojo is a skilled jujutsu sorcerer with immense power and a range of abilities far exceeding Makima.

One of Makima’s most notable abilities is her power to control other beings. Still, this power only works on beings weaker than herself. Gojo, however, is significantly more powerful than Makima in every way, and it is unlikely that she could exert any control over him.

In conclusion, it is highly unlikely that Makima would be able to defeat Gojo in a battle between the two. Gojo’s superior power and skill make him the clear favorite in any confrontation with Makima.

Gojo Satoru – Inhuman powers

Gojo Infinity Domain Expansion
Gojo Infinity Domain Expansion
  • Unlimited void

He can’t kill her. His only victory is to destroy her brain.

A domain can stop all techniques, so she might not incarnate if she is killed in one (which seems highly unlikely, considering that we haven’t heard of this being the case with curse spirits in JJK).

  • Six Eyes (六眼 Rikugan): 

Gojo Satoru’s ability to make such flawless and precise use of the Limitless is due to his inheritance of the once-in-a-lifetime ocular jujutsu from the Gojo Family. His vast perception and enormous brain processing power enable him to precisely manipulate the sophisticated powers of the Limitless down to an atomic level and utilize the Limitless techniques’ type of complex cursed energy manipulation to their fullest extent.

  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant Skill:

Satoru Gojo has demonstrated extraordinary levels of martial arts skill: Aside from his Limitless, he exhibits a highly methodical and refined fighting style, expertly employing martial arts techniques while precisely striking at the enemy’s weak spot.

  • Tremendous Speed of Gojo:

Satoru is a very quick fighter who easily mimics Jogo’s moves while delivering nearly unnoticeable punches and kicks. He was demonstrated to move more quickly than the human eye can see. Satoru can also kill 1,000 transformed people in five minutes.

Gojo, one of the central characters in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” possesses a multifaceted personality that adds depth to his character. He exudes confidence and displays a carefree attitude, often seen wearing his signature blindfold. Beneath his laid-back exterior, Gojo harbours a strong sense of justice and a deep commitment to protecting others from curses and the supernatural.

Throughout the series, Gojo’s character undergoes significant development, revealing his complex nature. He is known for his unwavering loyalty towards his students, guiding and supporting them in their journey to become powerful sorcerers. Gojo’s interactions with his students, particularly Yuji Itadori, showcase his mentorship and genuine concern for their well-being.

Furthermore, Gojo’s powers and combat skills have earned him immense respect within the sorcerer community. His unrivaled mastery of cursed energy and his ability to create devastating techniques, such as the Six Eyes and the Limitless Cursed Technique, make him a force to be reckoned with. Gojo’s strength and tactical brilliance make him a formidable opponent in battles against curses and other sorcerers.

In addition to his combat prowess, Gojo possesses a sharp intellect and an analytical mindset. He often employs strategic thinking and unconventional methods to outsmart his enemies. This combination of power, intellect, and unwavering determination solidifies Gojo’s position as one of the most powerful and influential characters in the series.

Makima – Brutal dominance powers

Makima vs Gojo Brutal Dominance Powers
Makima vs Gojo Brutal Dominance Powers
  • Immense Strength: 

Makima has tremendous physical power, which enables her to engage in hand-to-hand Battles successfully without the aid of any of her minions. She was strong enough to overpower Pochita and use her attacks to break his chainsaws.

  • Enhanced Smell

I douth this will help against Gojo anyway, not that she can smell in Infinity. Nonetheless, Denji asserts that Makima distinguishes herself from others primarily by scent. When they first met, she could tell by his fragrance that Pochita was still within Denji. She, like us, cannot tell one person from another by sight, just as we cannot tell one dog from another by looking at their features.

  • Domination

She represents the dread of dominance, conquest, or control, and her skills reflect this. She can control any entity she perceives as being inferior to her, including coercing them into signing contracts with her or another demon, in addition to her deceptive way of thinking and acting.

  1. She can hear conversations remotely, seemingly anywhere on the planet and possibly extending into Hell, by using the hearing of rats, birds, and other lower life forms she controls.
  2. She has demonstrated the ability to control many rats, enabling her to move about using them.
  3. She has also demonstrated the ability to speak through others by placing her hand on their heads, even if they are dead.

Makima is known for her calm and composed demeanour, rarely showing emotions or vulnerability.

Throughout the series, Makima’s actions and motivations remain shrouded in ambiguity, leaving readers and viewers to question her true nature. She possesses a strategic mind and an uncanny ability to manipulate those around her through contracts. Makima’s control over others gives her a sense of power and authority that she utilizes to advance her agenda.

While Makima’s intentions may seem enigmatic, her actions demonstrate a ruthless and calculated nature. She is willing to sacrifice individuals and exploit their weaknesses to achieve her goals. Makima’s unwavering determination and manipulative tactics make her a formidable adversary, capable of bending others to her will.

Makima use Gun Devil against Gojo?

It’s possible!

Makima only has control over the Gun Devil’s abilities, thanks to her agreement with Aki before he transforms into the Gun Fiend. In essence, she is bound to the Gun Devil, giving her the abilities of the Gun Devil.

Gun Devil
Gun Devil

Can Makima use a finger gun against Gojo?

Gojo could be capable of blocking a finger gun. It appears to be an actual projectile, so Gojo, even though he doesn’t necessarily know what it is, will be able to recognize the projectile based on an identifiable form. 

Gojo vs Makima – Who would win?

Makima may be able to defeat Gojo because of her distinct advantages, including speed, a lot of hax and numbers. 

This is apparent given the difficulty for Gojo to hit an effective hit in these conditions or to utilize the Unlimited Void, taking into account the Future Devil. 

It is also assumed that his attacks are damaging to her, as Hollow Purple itself does not possess the power that is determined or backed through the scriptures to prove more powerful than Makima’s scaling of his Typhoon Devil

Domains remain dependent on interpretation and are more to the energy used to reveal a mentally conceived landscape instead of physically scaling with its creation.

Makima’s abilities allow her to keep pace with him, particularly by reviving as often as she wants to, through the transfer of any damage to Japanese citizens, including Gojo himself. 

Her biological control can counter Gojo’s ability to regenerate, and Gojo’s regenerative powers are weakened. Stone Devil can bypass Gojo’s defences against his defence, Mold Devil.

It could also require Gojo to decrease her number of lives for an absurd period. Makima can travel between different dimensions using The Spider Devil or brain halo to avoid Limitlessly. 

Makima can strategically deploy her army to deter Gojo and resurrect defeated numbers with her Zombie Devil. She’s comparable to or better than Gojo in terms of skill and is probably controlling Gojo; however, he is susceptible to the Devil Hunter’s abilities of the general public. 

Gojo is simply faced with numerous possibilities he needs to prepare for, which could thwart his best defence. Gojo could be an Infinity lower than Makima.

In addition to working as an exorcist for a living, Satoru Gojo is unquestionably the most influential figure in his own universe. Despite being absurdly overpowered, he fits the role perfectly; he is not absurd in any way. 

He has great powers that he can use to defeat even the most powerful of his foes because he is fast, strong, and powerful. There is no question that Makima would have little chance against Gojo and would ultimately lose if you consider that the Chainsaw Man Devils are very similar to the Plague Gojo exorcised.

The clash between Gojo and Makima:

When Gojo and Makima’s paths intersect, the clash between their powers and ideologies becomes inevitable. Gojo’s unwavering commitment to justice and his desire to protect others clash with Makima’s calculated and manipulative nature. Their encounters create intense battles and moments of suspense, as their powers and strategies are pitted against each other.

The clash between Gojo and Makima not only showcases their exceptional abilities but also highlights the stark contrast in their beliefs and values. Gojo fights for the greater good and seeks to protect humanity from curses, while Makima operates in a morally gray area, driven by her own hidden agenda. This clash of ideologies adds depth to their rivalry and raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of power, control, and the blurred lines between good and evil.

Impact on the Storyline:

The rivalry between Gojo and Makima has a profound impact on the overall storyline of their respective series. Their actions and conflicts create a ripple effect that influences the trajectory of the plot and the development of other characters. The clash between these powerful individuals sets in motion a chain of events that lead to significant revelations, unexpected alliances, and heartbreaking sacrifices.

The outcome of the clash between Gojo and Makima has far-reaching consequences, shaping the fate of other characters and the world they inhabit. Their rivalry acts as a catalyst for character growth, pushing them to their limits and forcing them to confront their own beliefs and values.

Additionally, the clash between Gojo and Makima serves as a thematic exploration of power, control, and the complexities of human nature. It raises questions about the morality of using power for personal gain and the lengths one is willing to go to achieve their goals. The contrast between Gojo’s selfless heroism and Makima’s manipulative actions sparks discussions about the nature of power and the choices individuals make when faced with adversity.

Fan Theories and Speculations:

The intense rivalry between Gojo and Makima has given rise to numerous fan theories and speculations within the anime and manga community. Fans eagerly dissect the series, searching for hidden clues and foreshadowing that might hint at the ultimate resolution of their conflict.

One popular theory suggests that Gojo and Makima’s clash represents a battle between light and darkness, with Gojo symbolizing hope and Makima embodying the corrupting influence of power. Supporters of this theory speculate that their rivalry will ultimately lead to a redemption arc for one of the characters, highlighting the potential for growth and transformation.

Others speculate about the true nature of Makima’s powers and her ultimate goal. Some theories propose that Makima’s actions are driven by a desire to gain ultimate control over the world, while others believe she may be a pawn in a larger, more sinister scheme orchestrated by unseen forces.

As fans eagerly await the resolution of the conflict between Gojo and Makima, these theories and speculations fuel discussions and add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the series.

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