Tones of heartful moments, tone of romance, & tones of drama, You know It’s a kind of Manga you like to read, but you never read, and suddenly you read 2 chapters, and then you get hooked…


Note: This review contains spoilers of Manga uptill 5 chapters!

Our MC (Yurin) in I don’t write what I should write Manga is shy & cute, she has a boyfriend who is in the military.

One day her boyfriend returns from the military & she wants to surprise him by seeing her there, even when her boyfriend did tell her not to come!

That’s where the real story of this Manga begins.

I don’t write what I should write – Overview

Yurin From I don't write what I should write

Yurin, our MC, is a fantastic noval writer! On one faithful day, she visited an unknown man in the military visiting room, and she suddenly kissed him as she saw her boyfriend cheating on another girl.

Yurin has a passion for noval writing and wants to write about romance. Still, she can’t write about romance because of her soft heart and debut mess of a character.  

One day Yurin receives a proposal for a project from Seok-Huun, a person in charge, As for her surprise, the down payment for noval is 300 million won! However, she has to write a romance noval. 

What I like about this Manga “I don’t write what I should write”

The down-to-earth romance and realistic approach to the story are not too shady or unrealistic romance, which we see in many Manga.

This Manga has many moments where we can relate to ourselves.

I mean, just look at this panel.

Yurin freaked out
Yurin freaked out
Blue Screen error in Manga
Blue Screen error in Manga

It’s really great, and I don’t know why the rating isn’t higher on sites, however, the cover art doesn’t do enough justice to manhwa art.

The artworks are far superior to this (1 reason why you should read “I don’t write what I should write Manga“). There’s also a good chance that there will be some other couples in this Manga as well.

The author allows each person a unique story, which makes the tale more interesting.

They’re an excellent blend of romance and comedy, with no loopholes or loose ends. It appears the author has drawn every scene with a specific purpose.

I have to say that it’s real and has some fantasy sprinkled in it.

I like this manhwa flow, and it’s similar to reading a book by itself. If you’ve come to this point and haven’t yet started reading, this is the sign of giving it a go.

I don’t write what I should write Manga currently has 31 chapters and is still ongoing. There is plenty more Manga for you to read, like Shikimori’s not Just a Cutie and Manga like Seoul station necromancer

Final Say

I hope you like my “I don’t write what I should write” review. 

Do you like this Manga? 

I’m interested in hearing your opinion on this! How do you feel?

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