Infinite Leveling: Murim a Korean Manga/Manhwa with a simple and basic plot where the MC of Infinite Level up in Murim got reincarnated to another world after his death.

The story follows the MC as he continues to level up in Murim but keeps getting caught up in the various challenges and traps that await him. Along the way, he meets new people and makes new friends, all of whom are eager to help him achieve his goals.

A fantastic manhwa with a strong narrative and support from good art.

You won’t regret reading it, I assure you. As you read the manhwa, a lot of fantastic hype comes as a payoff. 

Infinite Level up in Murim Wiki

Infinite Level up in Murim Wiki
Infinite Level up in Murim Wiki

The story of Infinite level up in murim (Infinite Leveling: Murim) is simple our MC character got reincarnated after dying in real life. 

The goal of our MC is obvious To get stronger and more robust than anybody else. 

Infinite level up in murim also has a Time travel and Leveling system, which suddenly appears out of nowhere after reincarnation.

There’s no actual revenge except for the people who wronged him. 

This is not his primary goal. He’s determined to be robust. Strong enough to never let his loved ones be killed. 

He’s just and straight, but not so much as to be foolish. He’s not really intelligent or wicked, but that’s not essential for this story. He’s enough to be a good fit for his character.

Infinite Level up in Murim Review

Infinite Level up in Murim Wiki
Infinite Level up in Murim Wiki

This is one of the best managed murim works available. It has a fantastic narrative so far, engaging characters, and a cleverly developed environment. 

The pace is pleasant, if not a little slow—in a good way. If you were wondering, the later chapters are three times longer than the earlier ones. It simply gets better and better.

A fantastic manhwa with a strong narrative and support from good art. Although Mc sometimes acts foolish and immature, it is tolerable. Along with the MC, the other side characters have also developed in a stunning way. 

Still, this Manga gets unsensible sometimes. It’s a little strange how a levelling system based on time travel appears out of nowhere. The main character is the type of person who will do anything to win. 

Seriously there is an event in the Manga where our MC crushed the opponent’s balls with a justification that the opponent did something to his friend when actually the opponent just played a fair match.

And he occasionally cheats the levelling system in order to obtain powerful skills or items, while the levelling system itself is already a cheat for him because no one gets this kind of power. His lack of ambition, coupled with his continued desire for power, makes his motives and decisions rather dubious.

Still, the Manga is good & here are some points.

Art: The art is nice, and it gets better as the story progresses and the chapters lengthen (which is awesome considering most manhwas do short chapters to milk more money out of you). 

The fights make sense and flow well, and there are some pretty good character designs and set pieces to view along the way. 

Story: It’s obvious that the author gave the story a lot of consideration. Even though the game system is powerful, it follows the extremely realistic “work hard, gains hard” tenet. There haven’t been any unexpected increases in strength so far, and it still seems quite gratifying and balanced. 

There are no “heavenly black hole makers with one attack folks,” and the story is constructed like a standard murim adventure but with a more realistic growth.

Characters: Up till this point, I haven’t seen any discrepancies. The primary three are very appealing, and the characters are all excellent. Additionally, there is a really good underlying romantic storyline that I find to be quite enjoyable. 

Due to the side characters, the world appears large and intricate and has a very human feel to it. Aside from a few evil foes, the villains have all been in the moral grey area, yet, most of them are eliminated in gratifying ways.

Overall: This story is awesome, somewhat unique, and one of the best murim stories out there. I strongly suggest it. I really suggest this if you enjoy zero-to-hero stories with a little humour and occasionally serious undertones.

It’s a lot of fun, I assure you!

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