Learning Japanese is hard and even harder when you consider that you must read tons of books to learn it.

But What if?

There is a way to, Learn & entertain yourself while Learning Japanese. Yes!!

Sound’s cool, isn’t it?

I know that you like to watch Anime, and While watching it, you read the subtitles. It’s a great way to learn Japanese, but it’s not our intention while watching it to learn it. 

Think of it. 

We watch Anime to enjoy, to stay joyful, but what if we watch Anime to learn Japanese learning anime!

Also, do not think that watching Anime will instantly improve your language skills. Anime can be a useful addition to all those hours spent learning Japanese. 

Still, it cannot replace a person’s formal instruction in the language. No matter how delicious the food in Italy is, you wouldn’t expect to learn Italian by reading the menus. Both formal and informal instruction is necessary, Anyway.

In this article, I’ll share with you a 11 Anime for learning Japanese.

Remember this – Watch with intention to learn and understand via, apply and practice.

With that settled, Let’s dive right in.

11. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service to learn Japanese
Kiki’s Delivery Service

A wholesome movie with a great storyline and memorable characters from Kiki’s delivery service, it a highly recommended to watch this movie to learn Japanese. It’s a 1989 movie with old classic style animation. 

  • Episode: 1 
  • Rating: 8.21

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Overview

To become a fully-fledged witch, Kiki, a 13-year-old witch-in-training, must spend a year living alone in a far-off town. This custom is carried out by Kiki when she sets forth on her broomstick with her black cat Jiji, saying goodbye to her loved ones and friends.

Kiki finds it difficult to adjust to life in the seaside town of Koriko and ends up wandering the streets without a place to stay. Until she meets Osono, who provides her lodging in return for delivering goods for her tiny bakery. Soon after, Kiki decides to launch her own broomstick-based courier business, starting her path to freedom. To fit in with the villagers,

10. K-On

K-no Anime to learn Japanese

K-on is a type of Anime that is dying. A part of me still lives for music, and this Anime fill the spot, an definitely and favorably recommended Anime to watch.  

Not in just learning Japanese but rather enjoying the process of being in that state. 

  • Episodes: 13
  • Rating: 7.85

K-On – Overview 

A new year in high school is always a sign of a lot to come. One of the things is joining clubs. 

In a quandary about which club to join, Yui Hirasawa comes across and joins an opportunity with the Light Music Club, which she believes is concerned with playing basic instruments such as the castanet. 

Not being able to perform an instrument at the club, she decides to say sorry and then quit.

In the meantime, the Light Music Club faces disbandment because of a shortage of members. It is why members of the club have to provide anything from food to taking time off during their club hours to get Yui to join the club. 

However, despite their effort, Yui insists on leaving because of her lack of experience in music. In the end, they compose a song for Yui that ignites her passion for music and eventually persuades her to become a band member.

After that, you’ll be playing around with little bits of practice. Members of Light Music Club are ready to have fun! Light Music Club are ready to have an enjoyable one!

9. Nichijou

Nichijou Anime to Learn Japanese

Do you like high school anime? If yes, then this is definitely for you. 

A comedy anime with lots of Japanese words, especially the old ones, so better watch out.

  • Episodes: 26
  • Rating: 8.46

Nichijou – Overview

The daily exploits of three high school students who were childhood friends—Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi, and Mai Minakami—are the main subject of Nichijou. 

Their stories soon become intertwined with those of a young genius named Hakase Shinonome, her robot caretaker Nano, and their talking cat Sakamoto. The lives of these six, and the countless others around, alternate between the soothes of everyday existence and the absurdity of absurdity with each passing day. 

The remarkable daily lives of individuals in Nichijou include walking to school, getting bit by a talking crow, hanging out with pals, and witnessing the principal suplex a deer.

8. Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet Home Anime to Learn Japanese
Chi’s Sweet Home

A slice of life anime around a cat who found a perfect home to stay in and enjoy. 

She knows that the people she stays with will love her always.

  • Episodes: 104
  • Rating: 7.68

Chi’s Sweet Home – Overview

One day, a little kid named Youhei and his mother discover a tiny kitten named Chi. Despite the prohibition on pets in their flat, they choose to bring her back to live with them there. Chi, Youhei, and Youhei’s parents treasure their time together as they meet new people, create wonderful memories, and have fun.

These little adventures centre on the day-to-day activities of Chi and her family, as well as the numerous people they meet along the route. Chi is confident that her family will always adore her, no matter what situation she finds herself in.

7. Detective Conan

Detective Conan Anime to learn Japanese
Detective Conan

Conan is much like Sherlock Holme, except the story is resolved around a kid name Edogawa, Conan.

If you like spy or thrill shows, then definitely add this to your watch list.

  • Episodes: 1045 (Still going)
  • Rating: 8.16

Detective Conan – Overview

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student with a high level of ability in the field of detective work, is well-known for solving many challenging cases. A few days later, when Shinichi can spot two suspects and decides to investigate them, he accidentally becomes witness to an illegal act. 

He is eventually taken into custody, and they inject him with a drug created by their criminal group, leading to his death. To his amazement, Shinichi lives to see another day, only inside the form of a 7-year-old child.

With his original intelligence preserved, he conceals his true identity from all of us, including his close childhood friend Ran Mouri and her father, the private Detective Kogorou Mouri. To do this, he assumes the identity of Conan Edogawa, inspired by the detective writers Arthur Conan Doyle and Ranpo Edogawa.

Conan is a detective. Conan Follows Shinichi, who, in the role of Conan, begins secretly solving the senior Mouri’s case in the shadows using his sleuthing abilities that are still outstanding while secretly investigating the person that is responsible for his current condition in hopes of reversing the effects of the drug one day.

6. Death note

Death note Anime to Learn Japanese
Death note

No intro is needed here. You already know this Anime. 

  • Episodes: 37
  • Rating: 8.62

Death note – Overview

The world of humans is tainted by brutal murders, small-time robberies, and needless violence.

They both believe their worlds are corrupt, including the brilliant 17-year-old Japanese student Light Yagami and the cruel deity of death Ryuk.

Ryuk releases his “Death Note” into the world of people for his own entertainment. The first rule Light discovers is absurd: The person whose name is listed in this memo shall perish. Light explores by writing a criminal’s name and frighteningly reenacts his first crime, but the temptation is too much.

5. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden Anime to Learn Japanese
Violet Evergarden

Violet evergarden most beautiful animation and story with an undying passion for finding the meaning of love. In her journey with the letter, Violet found herself with people on the journey themself to find meaning.

It’s my favourite Anime so far. 

  • Episodes: 12 
  • Rating: 8.67

Violet Evergarden – Overview

The Great War finally came to an end after four years of war. After being split into two parts, the planet of Telesis slowly began to prosper once more. The victim of battle is Violet Evergarden, a young girl born with only the purpose of eliminating the enemy’s lines. 

She was acutely wounded and hospitalized in an unintentional battle in the final battle of the war and left with just a few words from the closest one; however, she had no comprehension of the meaning.

In the healing process, Violet starts a new life in CH Postal Services after a split with her intended guardianship family. She is there when she sees through chance the workings of the “Auto Memory Doll,” Amanuenses. They translate people’s thoughts and emotions into words on paper. Attracted by the idea, Violet begins work as an Auto Memory Doll. This trade takes her on an exciting journey which will change people’s lives and clients and bring them closer to themselves.

4. Polar Bear Cafe

Polar Bear Cafe Anime to learn Japanese
Polar Bear Cafe

I know how it sounds like a polar bear cafe, a slice-of-life anime with a different kind of style. 

  • Episodes: 50
  • Rating: 7.91

Polar Bear Cade – Overview

It is located near the local zoo and operated by the charismatic Shirokuma, the polar bear. Shirokuma Cafe is a popular place for humans and animals, where they can take a break and relax after a tiring day at work. Be it a refreshing drink or the latest dish on the menu, Shirokuma delights in serving his patrons, frequently engaging in conversations on a variety of topics.

Along with the humorous Penguin and the uncoordinated Panda, They make up an odd trio caught up in all sorts of adventures together with their fellow friends, including Grizzly Bar owner and Sasako, an individual who works in the cafe. 

From dealing with love affairs that aren’t reciprocated to camping trips outdoors or karaoke nights or even learning the trick recipe for making delicious coffee, There’s always something to happen in Shirokuma Cafe!

3. Doraemon

Doraemon Anime to Learn Japanese

How can we forget our childhood anime!! Can’t miss the mark.

  • Episodes: 1800
  • Rating: 7.76

Doraemon – Overview

Nobita Nobi is just a typical fourth grader. But everything changes when a blue robot cat is seen emerging from her desk drawer. He is named Doraemon this robotic cat informs Nobita that his heirs in the 22nd century are in poverty due to his mistakes. 

Thus, they’ve asked Doraemon to act as a mentor and guide to Nobita to ensure their future can change for the better. What Doraemon discovers is that Nobita is among the weakest and lazy students at the school.

To help him in his quest, Doraemon has a four-dimensional pocket that he carries around, where he can keep different gadgets and machines from the future. However, they often cause more trouble for Nobita. Are you sure that Doraemon actually can succeed in his goal of altering Nobita, or will he continue to be the person his current self?

2. Gintama

Gintama Anime to Learn Japanese

Gintama is well known for his comedy scene, it is truly a Japanese learning anime. 

  • Episodes: 51
  • Rating: 9.05

Gintama – Overview

Shinpachi Shimura returns to Edo after a year away to discover a startling surprise: Gintoki and Kagura, two of his fellow Yorozuya members, have changed totally! As Shinpachi flees from the Yorozuya headquarters in confusion, he discovers that all the residents of Edo have experienced improbably dramatic alterations in both personality and appearance. 

Unbelievably, his sister Otae has married the shameless stalker and Shinsengumi chief Isao Kondou. 

After being perplexed, Shinpachi accepts to join the Shinsengumi at Otae and Kondou’s request and discovers even more tremendous changes occurring inside and outside the organization. Shinpachi and his odd Shinsengumi comrade set out to return after learning that Vice Chief Toushirou Hijikata has not changed.

1. Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san Anime to Learn Japanese
Teasing Master Takagi-san

This one is my favourite slice of life anime, the best romantic Anime with a slice of life addons.

  • Episodes: 12 
  • Rating: 7.72

Teasing Master Takagi-san – Overview

Having a buddy who is intimately familiar with you should be beneficial, but this is not the case with Nishikata.

It is practically hard for Nishikata to successfully defend himself since his classmate Takagi san loves to tease him regularly and utilizes her in-depth understanding of his behaviour to predict exactly how he would respond to her mocking. Despite this, Nishikata promises to one day make Takagi blush due to his mocking to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Stay Joyful. 


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