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So, In this article, I’ll reveal the 13 best Manga/Manhwa like solo leveling with OP main character. I know you are excited to know manhwa like solo leveling.

This manga similar to solo leveling in every possible way! Maybe 80%

But hold your breath for a moment, and let’s take a look at Why mangas like solo leveling are so popular and why people love them.

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So here are the Top 13 best Manhwa with OP MC.

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling with OP MC
Manhwa Like Solo Leveling with OP MC

13. World’s Apocalypse Online

Manga like World's Apocalypse Online
Manga like World’s Apocalypse Online

Do you like to read Time travel Manhwa with overpowering characters and a sci-fi world have demonic characters become the absolute power?

I’ll bet you’ll get hooked after reading just 1 chapter.

A story that gives us a tale of the end of the world.

  • Author: Fireworks Become a City
  • Officially Translated: La0o9 
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai, Manhua, Martial Arts

143 Chapter & Ongoing

World’s Apocalypse Online – Overview

After that battle, the last immortal of the human race fell.

The relentless war between humans and demons ended in the defeat of the human race.

The present world started to enter into a state of destruction.

And player gu qingshan killed the final demon lord, earning himself a chance of resurrection.

12. The Player That Can’t Level Up 

Manga like The Player That Can't Level Up
Manga like The Player That Can’t Level Up

The Manhwa is just like it sounds. 

Our MC, no matter how much he struggles to get stronger and level up, he can’t level up.

For those who enjoy gaming, consider this Manhwa your favourite. 

Reading a manhwa with the idea of gaming caught my attention. Always!

  • Author: Aengmusae, PARK Jungjae, Studio Khit
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen

85 Chapter & Ongoing

The Player That Can’t Level Up – Overview

When Kim Gi-Gyu was 18 years old, he became a player in the game. 

With the tower and the gates closed, he believed his life was headed in the right direction. 

However, even after completing the tutorial, he was only level 1. Even though he was just level 1, he often killed a goblin.

He’s still level 1, after having been for five years. “Who would have predicted that this sort of player would exist?” no one knew.

11. Murim RPG Simulation

Manga like Murim RPG Simulation
Manga like Murim RPG Simulation

Our MC Seolhwi dies fighting his Mount Hua Cult master slaughters squad with him.

As Seolhwi dying a status, windows appeared before him, giving him a second chance at reincarnation.

  • Author: Hyung Geun Cho
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekia

44 Chapter & Ongoing

Murim RPG Simulation – overview

In the notorious Demon Cult, Seolhwi is a scout.

He was once on a regular patrol when his team unintentionally came into a terrifying leader of the Demon Cult’s fiercest adversaries, the Mount Hua Sect.

Without warning, the leader of the Mount Hua Cult massacres the whole squad.

Seolhwi comes upon a video game status box asking him whether he wants to restart his life as he lies dying, mourning his years of cult devotion with nothing to show.

Seolhwi swears to endure, develop, and ascend to the top of the Demon Cult if given the option to start over and choose differently.

Thus, the Seolhwi tale started to gain momentum.

10. Quest Supremacy

Manga like Quest Supremacy
Manga like Quest Supremacy

Questism or Quest Jisang Juui are also known for quest supremacy.

This Manhwa will be excellent for you. You’ll undoubtedly appreciate it if you like other Manhwa-like lookism, dice, and Viralhit.

A gamer nerd who receives RPG missions in real life succeeds in high school and becomes a Top nerd.

I heard that before!!

  • Author: Park Tae-Jun (Company)
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, School Life, Shounen, Action

57 Chapter & Ongoing

Quest Supremacy – Overview

Suhyeon Kim is a video game addict who abhors mutual and dislikes school.

Every day, he is subjected to incessant bullying by his peers, which makes him long for the fantasy worlds of the RPG adventure games he enjoys.

This isn’t a web novel, Suhyeon Kim exclaims while shouting nine times at the Quest window.

Suddenly however!

Suhyeon’s kim dream is finally realised when a mission with a straightforward goal and a desirable reward materialises in reality.

Since he has nothing to lose, he jumps at the chance, and soon he is on another quest.

9. I am The Sorceror King

I am The Sorceror King, op mc manga
I am The Sorceror King

Do you like to see people get power and hunt monsters for money and fame? Yep, You heard it right. 

An exciting storyline with fantastic artwork. 

  • Author – Decaspell, Miro
  • Genre – Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Manhua

There are 143 chapters, and it’s finished, so you can read this Manga/Manhwa in no time.

I am The Sorceror King – overview

The monster horde from the split produced by space and time began assaulting humans ten years ago. Simultaneously, individuals began to realize their power and hunt monsters for fame and profit. Because of his mother’s illness, Lee SungHoon takes a perilous job as bait for the hunters four times a month to assist them in hunting those monsters. However, he is severely hurt by a monster one day and recalls his previous existence as a sorcerer-king ‘Huh? Did I just pass away?» ‘Wait, in a prior life, I was Sorcerer King Kratraus?’ SungHoon’s overpowering magic display begins with his former recollections.

8. Resurrection of The Catastrophic Hero

Resurrection of The Catastrophic Hero
Resurrection of The Catastrophic Hero Cr:asurascans

I don’t know how it feels like betrail, but our MC from ‘The Return of The Disaster-Class Hero’ knows how it feels. 

  • Author – Sanjijiksong
  • Genre – Action, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural 
  • 39 chapters and still going, so you can enjoy.

This story concerns the most powerful Hunter, who was betrayed in a dungeon raid by his teammate.

Resurrection of The Catastrophic Hero – Overview 

It was just a few days ago that this occurred. He was told by a friend that he would die if he went to the dungeon. He thought it might be possible, as it was one of the most highly-ranked dungeons. However, he decided to visit the dungeon and defeated the boss monster.

Later, however, one of his raiders pushed him off the cliff. It was later announced that he had been killed while clearing the dungeon.

After twenty years, the protagonist has returned to the cliff face and decided to take revenge.

7. Hero of His Own Opinion

Hero of His Own Opinion, manga with op mc
Hero of His Own Opinion

If you’re a fan of op mc manga, then you’ll be sure to love this Manga/Manhua. Our MC character of this manhua was a Demon king and now reborn as a person in the modern civilized world, giving him a second chance.

  • Authors – Oro Prizivayushiy
  • Genres – Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai

16 Chapters and still on the go, Enjoy!

Hero of His Own Opinion – Overview 

In his previous life, The Demon King was the protagonist of this manhwa. In his second life, he was a modern-day human.

When Heroes saved his life, he was used as a test subject. They aren’t there for him to save his life, nor there is any mission to save him. 

He is later recognized as a hero, and his life is spared when he is brought to the king.

He was soon reborn a third time. Third, existence awaits him, one in which he will be the hero and fight on the side of justice. 

Isn’t it ironic? He used to be a jerk and a lunatic, but now he’s supposed to be fighting for the greater good and a better future?

6. Second Life of a Gangster

Second Life of a Gangster
Second Life of a Gangster

Joong Seok is like an ‘only I level up’. A previous life was all terrible things, doing bad things and never caring about anything, but things changed as he got new life and started doing good things.

I wonder if it can also be an Otome game. Can make one with this? Anyway. 

  • Author – Ogisu (오기수),Sayeol(사열),Yerang (예랑)
  • Genre – Action, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

136 Chapters and till ongoing, Enjoy still can!!

Second Life of a Gangster – Overview

Oh Joong Seok is 41 years old. A man committed all kinds of wrongdoings and put his life on the line for the organization to get to the top. 

But who could have predicted that the conclusion of his life would be so dreadful… The ‘virtuous living’ mission of Joong Seok begins now; one by one, live a decent life.

5. Tower of God

Tower of God, op mc manhwa
Tower of God

I think the majority of us know the Tower of God by now, but now many of us have read the Manga/Manhua yet. 

I highly recommend you read it. It is not just because of its art but also because of your read. It supports the author and community.

  • Author – Siu
  • Genre –  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural, Webtoons

546 Chapters and still ongoing, No need to say enjoy because you already did!!

Tower of God – Overview

The story centres on Twenty-Fifth Baam, who has lived his entire life under a mysterious tower. He is determined to find his friend and chases after him. 

However, he is forced to open the Tower’s door and face many challenges. The Tower is a cryptic structure that is completely enclosed and has many unique surroundings. 

The Tower is permeated with an element called Shinsoo, which has extraordinary properties and is home to many intelligent species. Ascension from one floor of the Tower to another is only permitted after passing complex tests of strength, dexterity and brain. 

The 10 Great Warriors are the leaders and forefathers to the families. They were men of extraordinary power who, together with Zahard, climbed the Tower from the bottom to the top. They also have the advantage of being kept young by the slow-down effect of the time on the higher floors.

4. To Not Die

To Not Die
To Not Di

Our main character in this school manhwa with op mc got bullied daily and decided to end his life for good. Until things turned very quickly, the person who bullied our MC got killed. 

To not die manhwa is already famous, and fans are already loving it. 

Did you know that Webtoons To not die manhwa has a 9.67 rating. 

Pretty mysterious, if you ask me!!

  • Written by – Parade 
  • Art by – Jinguk Lim
  • Genres – Action, Adventure, Martial Art, School Life

61 Chapters and still ongoing. 

To Not Die – Overview 

I’m Dajun, a high school student who is tormented daily at school. He saw an interview on television just as he was about to give up on life. 

It was with a killer who killed his bullies’ classmates. Dajun is moved by what he sees and tries to exact his own vengeance. His vengeance was adequate. His life, on the other hand, took an unexpected turn. 

I’m Dajun, after dropping out of school, join a mysterious Runaway Fam. I’m Dajun, a juvenile runaway who no longer has to deal with bullying at school. Instead, he now has to fight his way through the streets against even more ruthless gangs.

I highly recommend this To not die manhwa, A just read one indeed!!

3. Limit Breaker

Limit Breaker
Limit Breaker

This list is incomplete without Limit Breaker, and this is genuinely an op mc manhwa

Do you want to read manhwa where mc is to op, then this it, our mc spend trapped for 3000 years. Imagine how powerful he is. It might be even more powerful than Solo leveling. 

  • Author – Hongsil
  • Artist – Minnow

79 Chapter and still, Ongoing. Enjoy the rush. 

Limit Breaker – Overview

Kim Kibong was imprisoned in the Awakening Test for 3000 years due to an unforeseen malfunction. 

To my surprise, In the actual world, ten years have passed, and monsters and dungeons have taken over. The struggle for Kim Kibong, who has returned with the highest level, to restore the planet to its previous state has begun!

2. The Druid of Seoul Station

The Druid of Seoul Station
The Druid of Seoul Station

Park Sooho, our mc, comes from another world after 1000 years (already exciting to me) seeing monther everywhere he begins to hound.

  • Original work by – Jin Seol woo
  • Art by – liveBear

56 Chapter and still ongoing. Have that Demon rush.

The Druid of Seoul Station – Overview

Park Sooho returned to Earth after disappearing to another dimension for more than a thousand years. 

At that time, Earth had changed into one of the world’s survival of strongest due to the appearance of monsters. Druid, the king of creatures, who managed to endure for more than 1000 years, is now preparing to take over the world.

1. The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End
The Beginning After The End

Yes! This is my favourite Manga/Manhwa in 2022, and I have been reading it and the story scene 2021 and still appreciate the artist TurtleMe.

Did you know this The Beginning After The End Manhwa is based on the super hit Novel Tapas!

  • Author – TurtleMe
  • Genre – Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai, Magic, Manhua, Martial Arts, Shounen

149 Chapters and still strong. 

The Beginning After The End – Overview

King Grey is a formidable force as well as wealth and status in a society governed by the ability of a warrior. But, there is a sense of solitude behind the powerful. 

Behind the glittering exterior of a powerful king lies the man’s shell which is void of any purpose or determination. Reborn into a brand new world that is full of magic and monsters The king gets an opportunity to revisit his past. 

Making amends for the mistakes of his past won’t be the only task. Behind the peace and the abundance of this new, prosperous world, there is an undercurrent that threatens to take everything he’s done and rethink his place in the world and the reason for his birth to be born again.

Solo leveling – Overview

manhwa with op mc
manhwa with op mc

Sung Jinwoo, the main character of solo leveling, is originally a relatively weak E-Rank hunter. When Sung Jinwoo got a chance of a lifetime moment and got selected as a player by the System and grants him the unrivalled power to grow without limit and restraint.

Sung Jinwoo advances to become humanity’s best Hunter by utilizing the System’s new power, but he also becomes a prominent role in a long-running struggle between the Rulers and the Monarchs, two groups of godlike entities with their own agendas with humans.

Okay, that’s enough info on Solo leveling. If you are already here, that means you already know more about solo leveling, and if you don’t. 

Did you know Solo leveling is getting a special chapter in the third quarter of 2022.

That’s good! You learn something new.

Final Say

I hope you like his 9 Best Manga like solo leveling with OP MC suggestion and don’t worry if I didn’t include you’re favourite Manga/Manhwa in this article,

leave a comment so can I and other otaku know you’re awesome suggestions.

Manga like Seoul station necromancer and Manga like Shikimori’s not Just a Cutie suggestion hope you like it.

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