Mikey (Aka, The Invincible Mikey) is a leader of the Kanto manji Gang (Toman) and the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers. 

Mikey, or I say Manjiro Sano is not the main character. Rather he is the second main character (deuteragonist); many fans, including me, used to believe he is the main character due to his personality and too much appearance in the series.

Mikey is not like other characters where the main character is too OP without any reason. But instead, Mikey Tokyo revengers has depth story behind his persona.

Why the way he is, the way he is?

In this article, you’ll know exactly that! 

This is an in-depth article on Mikey Tokyo revengers. This article covers every question there is for Mikey.

Who is Mikey (Manjiro Sano)

Mikey, also known as Manjiro Sano, is a leader of the Kanto manji gang and the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers, He is ruthless in battles and continues to do so, thus giving him the name The Invincible Mikey.

Even though Mikey is the deuteragonist of Tokyo revengers, he is far more popular than Takemichi Hanagaki.

Mikey’s Appearance & Personality 

Each timeline of Mikey’s Appearance & Personality is different from one another. 

Typically, Mikey acts lighthearted and morally upright. He enjoys being rough with his gang and beating the crap out of anyone who steps out of line around them.

He is committed to upholding the honor of his gang since he cares deeply for them. 

Mikey considers himself Toman’s pillar and support, he hardly ever demonstrates any signs of weakness because he knows that if he did, Toman would also be weakened.

The year 2000 (Mikey’s Appearance & )

Kid Mikey Year 2000
Kid Mikey

Mikey in 2000 is carefree and strong he even beats young boys without worry.

The year 2005 (Mikey’s Appearance & Personality)

Young Mikey Year 2005
Young Mikey

Mikey was 15 years old in 2005 and is strong and fearless. He has also always been athletic, and Draken has admired him for it since he was in elementary school.

He was taught to beat up kids who tried to intimidate him due to his stature. As he grew older, Toman established his own gang of criminals who did not engage in combat merely for friendship and honor.

The year 2018 (Mikey’s Appearance & Personality)

Adult Mikey Year 2005
Adult Mikey

Mikey Tokyo Revengers manga is currently 28 years old. 

He is the Touman group’s leader. However, the group’s actions have turned much darker than previously. 

Additionally, Mikey is one of the Touman gang’s formidable commanders but is frequently overlooked in the narrative. Other than the fact that he was possessed by the evil inside him, nothing more is known about him.

The dark force hinted that Mikey has always had his Dark Impulsivity and that Emma was crucial to his ability to maintain composure.

Mikey Skills & Abilities 

Mikey’s skills include his Ko kick and punches, his kick is so powerful he has crushed cars. 

Mikey has a phenomenal physical condition that shows in many different ways. For one, he is impervious to surprise strikes due to his lightning-fast reactions. 

His kicks are referred to as “nuclear” because of the infamously devastating force behind his legs.

His leg power is such that he could instantaneously kill two foes with one devastating instant KO kick while also being able to lift an entire person who was holding him with only one leg.

Mikey has various abilities such as martial arts, quick reaction time, endurance, and Dark Impulsivity if we include that as an ability.

Mikey Mission & What we want to achieve 

Mikey’s mission is to become the top Gang in Japan, so he and the other members of Toman one day rule Japan, Mickey hopes to usher in a new age for all criminals. 

No wonder every crime in japan is reported to have a Kanto manji gang involvement in it.

Do Mikey Tokyo revengers have a girlfriend?

Mikey does not have any girlfriends in the series or in the manga. Still, in some intense, Mikey does start to have a crush on Renet for a while, at least in a different timeline.

Although I don’t think Mikey ever going to have a relationship with anyone other than his friend, the purpose of Mikey’s timeline is to include his friends. Along with Draken and all the companions of a Tokyo Manji gang.

What is Mikey Tokyo revengers zodiac sign?


Aries is the Mikey Tokyo revengers zodiac sign. Aries represents impatient, short-tempered, moody, and aggressive.

Who is Mikey’s brother Tokyo revengers

Shinichiro Sano.

Shinichiro Sano is Mikey’s older brother, and he is the foremost Black Dragon leader.

How old is Mikey Tokyo revengers

In the year 2000, Mikey was around 6 to 7 years old. Later in 2005, Mikey was 15 years old. In 2008 Mikey was 18 years old. The latest arrival in 2018, Mikey was 28 years old.

Note all of them are from the different timelines and different Mikey in all.

How tall is Mikey Tokyo revengers?

The only known height we have of Mikey is that he is 5’3 162CM.

Is Mikey a bad guy in Tokyo revengers

Well, Mikey certainly is not a good guy; think of him as an Antagonist of the series ‘Not a hero but Not also a villain’.

The mangaka depicted events in a parallel future when Mikey, who had gone into darkness, slaughtered all of his friends because they stood in the way of his plans to rule Tokyo.

Even though Mikey was never explicitly identified as the tale’s antagonist by the mangaka, Mikey was always a part of every issue Takemichi encountered.

There is a Reddit user named u/xadorefashion who explains in detail why “Mikey is the antagonist.” check it out; it’s good.

Did Mikey die in Tokyo revengers?

Mikey died by Naoto Tachibana; Mikey delivers Tachibana a pistol and tells him to murder him. When Naoto warns Takemichi to avoid Mikey after shooting him in the head, he discovers that Mikey’s gun’s safety is on, indicating that he had no intention of killing Takemichi in the first place.

Mikey expresses gratitude to Naoto for shooting him because Takemichi most likely could not have done it.

When is Mikey’s Birthday in Tokyo revengers

Mikey’s Birthday is on 20 August 1990, both for past and present, Mikey’s timeline 15 (Past) 27 (Present). 

Who does Mikey like in Tokyo revengers?

Mikey does not like anyone, particularly rather his friends, but For a period, Mikey does feel attracted to Renet, at least in a different timeline.

Is Mikey dead in Tokyo revengers?

Takemichi was the one who killed Mikey. Mikey wished for Takemichi to kill him. He requests Takemichi to shoot him and gives him the pistol, but he knows that Takemichi won’t do it. He so created a circumstance that motivated Takemichi to shoot him.

So Yes, Mikey is dead in Tokyo revengers.

What motorcycle does Mikey drive Tokyo revengers


In Tokyo Revengers chapter 113, it was revealed that Mikey has a CB25OT bike. Originally the bike was SOHC, four-stroke with a claimed 30 horsepower (22 kW) used by Mikey (Manjiro Sano) in Tokyo Revengers.

Mikey CB250T bike

How is Mikey’s voice actor in Tokyo revengers

Mikey’s voice actor in each Language is…

  • von Jascheroff, Constantin (German)
  • Hayashi Yuu (Japanese)
  • Paschoal, Cadu Portuguese (BR)
  • Fairouz, Ai (Japanese)
  • Le, Aleks (English)
  • Belasri, Tim (French)
  • Barros, Pablo Portuguese (BR)

How strong is Mikey Tokyo revengers & Why Everone is so Afraid of Him

Mikey's scary
Mikey’s scary

Do you know Micky’s kick is so hard he even crushed cars with his bare leg. I mean, that shows how powerful Mikey really is.

Really! he is that powerful; without a douth, he is the most powerful character in Tokyo revengers.

Since Mikey has been practising martial arts since he was 4 years old, he is regarded as a fighting god among middle schoolers.

Another great reason for Mikey’s strength is his dark impulsivity in his black-air force energy or split personality without anything holding back, his dark impulsivity is pure unadulterated badass black air force energy. 

Maybe this is the reason everybody called him an invincible Mikey.

A complete story and recap of Tokyo Revengers (Spoiler ahead)

complete story of MIkey Tokyo Revengers
MIkey Tokyo Revengers

Mikey is the one who’s caught my attention most is mongiroseno, also known as the invincible Mikey Thiago and attack on Tiago, in the series that follows a boy who travels back to the time he was in high school and a member of the notorious Tokyo gang, he tries to save his former girlfriend from preventing her death and stopping the growth of the group in the near future. And within each and every fight is Mikey, the leader of the Tolman character. 

We see our hero Takamichi in and attempting to stop it at the same time. To anyone outside, they’d think Mikey is the villain of the story, and in certain ways, he is but not a single Mikey. Is a troubled character. Mikey was raised by his grandpa along with his brother and half-sister from an early age. People would call Mikey a genius when they were fighting and in a position to defeat people larger than him and larger than him. It was nothing to him, and some of his friends are gang members tomin, but Mikey has some dark side within the character, which is triggered when his older brother was killed. 

What’s fascinating to Mikey is the fact that every time our hero returns to the past to alter the present, the story is always around Mikey. It’s all focused on keeping his cool and ensuring that he isn’t agitated or moving in the wrong direction. Mikey’s an extremely strong character, likely to be the greatest character of the show, not just in his fighting skills but also in his leadership skills as well. He’s extremely charismatic, and people enjoy being a part of his team and acting according to Mikey’s wishes, but in the same way, Mikey is only 15 years old.

The young man is the leader of a gang with up to 400 people on different missions. Take a look at what you would do if you could be in the shoes of Mikey and all the responsibility that is placed on you at all times; this is a huge amount of responsibility on a person, and still, he’s calm and is a strong character to everyone within the gang even though they are in the dark about many mental problems and issues they’re working through. 

However, if you see that part of him, the whole perception of Mikey as invincible falls apart, and that’s the reason Mikey is surrounded by specific people around him to ensure his calm and support his actions like Draken takamichi or his brother prior to his death. 

If any of them had left his life, then Mikey would have one less thing to fall back on and could be a victim of the darkness that is within the character. 

But let’s move on to the second reason why Mikey’s amazing. His swagger and overpowering is that of an overpowered character. An expression that is used in the modern world of anime that a lot of people seem to be drawn to.  

Mikey’s character, in a number of ways, is the character, but in the case of Tokyo revengers, they are feared by all whenever he enters the room. One of my favourite Mikey scenes from the comic is when he arrives in the room, and he is greeted by his fellow comrades battered and beat up, and the person who beats them takes on Mikey, who at that moment seemed to be unbeatable, and then beats Mikey out with one blow. 

The man raises his hands to celebrate, but then Mikey is able to get back and claims that the blow I got from you was punishment for me, and he then knocks him down with one punch that is so awesome if the story is executed correctly and the show does go down, Mikey will be the main character that people will surely love and fall in love with. 

He isn’t just a villain that appears randomly, but rather he’s the focal of the conflict that goes through the show and is a multi-layered character. I hope that the anime version of him is given well as more people would like to be able to appreciate the awesomeness of the invincible Mikey. 

Final Say

I hope you like my analysis on Mikey Tokyo revengers. It was fun writing about a new character. I also learned a lot about Mikey and how badass he is.

I have also written about Sanzu Haruchiyo, an interesting character from Tokyo revengers.

Anyway, feel free to comment if something is wrong in the blog or have any suggestions. 

Until then, Stay Joyful.


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