I know you have an undying love for your Mother, and so do I.

So I asked myself a question, Is there a good anime to watch with my Mother… 

And the answer is YES!

To be honest, my mom always believed “Anime” was a “Cartoon”, a typical view of mom. I’m sure your mom thought the same, Anyway.

Here is an Awesome & Wholesome anime to watch with your Mother.

Let’s dive right in.

Mother's special Anime
Mother’s special Anime

5. Barakamon

Mother's special Anime - Barakamon
Mother’s special Anime – Barakamon

I personally think it’s an underrated anime, A life of Seishuu Hand and Kotoishi Naru.

A high-spirited, tomboyish and energetic 7-year-old girl who is regularly a visitor to the house of Sensei.

Barakamon -Overview

Seishuu Handa is an upcoming calligrapher who is young, beautiful, talented, and maybe a bit of a psychopath. 

If a veteran criticizes his prize-winning work by calling it “unoriginal,” Seishuu quickly gets angry and suffers devastating consequences.

In retribution and to assist Seishuu in his self-reflection, his father sends him away to the Goto Islands, far from the tranquil Tokyo life that the flamboyant artist has become accustomed to. 

Being thrown into a rural location, Seishuu is forced to seek new inspiration and build his own art style. 

That is if loud youngsters (headed by the frisky Naru Kotoishi) and middle schoolers from Fujoshi and spirited old men don’t start crashing in his house! 

The latest addition to the charming and intimate Goto community just wants to do some work. However, these islands are far from the tranquil countryside he signed up to. 

Due to his wild neighbours who are utterly incompetent at managing their own affairs, The arrogant and arrogant calligrapher discovers far more than he ever imagined.

I personally recommend you watch this Mother’s special Anime.

4. Usagi Drop

Mother's Special Anime - Usagi Drop
Mother’s Special Anime – Usagi Drop

In heartwarming Anime, Daikichi Kawachi a working aimlessly in a respectable job though his life.

Until one day, his life changes. 

Usagi Drop – Overview

Daikichi Kawachi is a 30-year-old single man with a good job but a wanderer. 

When his grandfather passes away suddenly in death, Daikichi returns to his family’s home to pay tribute. 

After arriving at the house the next day, he is greeted by an unknown young girl called Rin Daikichi, who, to his amazement, is the son of his deceased grandfather!

The girl who is shy and unreachable is considered to be seen as an embarrassment to the family. 

She is deemed a target by the relatives of her father and friends, who all refuse to care for her following her father’s death. 

Daikichi, angry at their hostility towards Rin and her family, declares that he’ll admit her to the hospital despite the fact that he’s an unmarried young man who has no previous experience with childcare.

Usagi Drop is Daikichi’s story of his journey as a father, the father of Rin with his tender and loving nature. 

The story explores the warmth and interdependence at the core of a happy and close family.

Usagi Drop – teach us live while we can

Our lives are filled with small-scale annoyances. 

Being irritable in the morning and not fully awake, washing your mouth while brushing your teeth, fumbling for your personal items, or grocery shopping without a checklist. 

The problem we go through each day but then take care to solve after. This is something that most will relate to but do not discuss with each other because it that’s not worth sharing. 

Of course, spliced between the pieces of triviality are the most memorable moments that should be remembered.

Enjoying and remembering a little thing that adds up a whole pool of life moments, forget it, and make it again. This Mother’s special Anime teaches us.

3. Haikyuu

Mother's Special Anime - Haikyuu
Mother’s Special Anime – HaikyuuMother’s Special Anime – Haikyuu

Does your mom like sports shows or Anime? 

Mine sure doesn’t like it… But Haikyuu is an Anime that I would recommend watching with your mom. 

Haikyuu is a total of 4 seasons of Anime.

A story of a boy who wants to become the best volleyball player.

The Dream of Shouyou Hinata

Hinata’s dream is to grow strong enough to jump over tall blockers like his idol, Small Giant once did. But, as he’s not tall enough to size to be an excellent middle blocker, He focuses on jumping to overcome this.

Haikyuu – Overview

Since he first saw”the “Little Giant” and his incredible ability on the volleyball court Shouyou Hinata was fascinated by the exciting nature of the game. 

Although his attempt to debut as a regular volleyball player in a middle school competition ended in disaster.

He is determined to show that his diminutive height doesn’t have to be a barrier to his determination and determination. 

When Hinata is accepted into Karasuno High School, Little Giant’s old school, he believes that he has made one more step towards becoming a professional volleyball player. 

Even though the school has only an ethereal image of its glory of the past.

Hinata’s faith isn’t shaken until he realizes that Tobio Kageyama is the prodigy who shattered his image in the middle-high school volleyball team

When the Hinata team faces a devastating loss, he is currently his co-teammate.

To achieve his goal of making a mark on the field of volleyball.

Which is often considered the preserve that belongs to the taller and muscular, Hinata will have to smooth out his distinctions with Kageyama

Only after Hinata realizes that he has what it takes to be part of an organization will he be able to take on the fight for the top and compete with the best.

An inspiring Mother’s special Anime for you and your Mother.

2. Your Name 

Mother's Special Anime - Your Name
Mother’s Special Anime – Your Name

It’s my favorite Anime Movie of all time. 

Your name is a story of a girl(Mitsuha) who reincarnated as a boy(Taki) in her dream. Taki wakes up in Mitsuha’s body.

Both switch bodies in each other’s dreams.

Your Name – Overview

Mitsuha Miyamizu is a high schooler who longs to experience the life of a man in Tokyo’s bustling city–a dream that is in sharp contrast to her current life in the country. 

In urban Tokyo, Taki Tachibana has a full-time living as a student at a high school as he works part-time and hopes to make a successful career in architecture.

A few days later, Mitsuha awakens in a room that isn’t hers and finds herself living the life she’s always dreamed of in Tokyo, but inside Taki’s body! 

And in another location, Taki finds himself living Mitsuha’s existence in the modest rural countryside. 

In search of the solution to this bizarre phenomenon, they set out to look for each other.

They start to dramatically influence each other’s lives, weaving the two into a web that is held together by the forces of fate and destiny.

I remembered watching this Anime back in 2017, and to this day, it’s my favorite Anime movie. 

I higly recommend you watch this Mother’s special Anime with your Mother.

1. Violet Evergarden

Mother's special Anime - Violet Evergarden
Mother’s special Anime – Violet Evergarden (Gif by

Okay sorry!

It’s my Favourite Anime series, Violet Evergarden.

And I know, I know I include my favorite Anime, but this one is special.

Violet Evergarden has a special place in my heart. A very close one indeed.

Violet Evergarden is searching for the meaning of love. 

Her quest to find the answers leads her to the unexpected path full of memorable people and hearts.

Violet Evergarden – Overview

The Great War finally came to an end after four years of fighting. 

Separate into two parts, Telesis slowly began to grow again. 

In fighting were Violet Evergarden, a young girl born with the sole purpose of destroying the enemy’s lines. 

She was acutely wounded and hospitalized in an unintentional battle in the final phase of the war and left with just a few phrases from the one to whom she was closest. 

However, she had no concept of what that words meant.

In the process of healing, Violet starts a new life for CH Postal Services after a split with her intended guardianship family. 

She quickly started working in CH Postal services. She has given her the name an “Auto Memory Doll” Amanuenses.

who translates people’s thoughts and emotions into words on paper. Violet begins to work as an Auto Memory Doll, attracted by the idea. This trade takes her on an exciting journey which will alter people’s lives. Customers and hopefully bring them closer to themselves.

Most Beautiful Anime – Violet Evergarden.

Violet Evergarden has some of the best anime scenes in history, given her awards of Best Animation at the 2019 Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

The music is unbelievably good, especially the “Across the Violet Sky.”

Across the Violet Sky

This is my highly recommended Anime for Mother’s special Anime

Just Joyful.


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