Murim RPG Simulation, also known as Heavenly Demon Raising Simulation, is a webtoon.

The original work was done by Hyung Geun Cho, and the artwork was done by Kwang Hwi.

Currently, Murim RPG Simulation has over 43 chapters and is still ongoing.

Its Action, Fantasy, and Drama Manhwa revolve around our main character Seolhwi, who wants to become the strongest at the top of the Demon Cult.

Murim RPG Simulation is similar to Quest supremacywhere the main character dies or wishes to become stronger. 

In the end, a video game status window appears in front of them and gives them a second chance.

But in Seolhwi’s caseit is different the status window appears right before he was about to die.

And thus, Seolhwi unknowingly restarts his life in Demon Cult.

Now let us get to know to story overview

Murim RPG Simulation (Wiki)- Overview

Murim RPG Simulation Wiki
Murim RPG Simulation Wiki

Seolhwi is a scout in the infamous Demon Cult. 

One day he was on a routine patrol when his squad unexpectedly encountered a fearsome master of the Mount Hua Sect, the Demon Cult’s sworn enemies. 

The Mount Hua Cult master slaughters the entire squad without warning.

As Seolhwi lies dying, regretting years of cult service with nothing to show for it, he encounters a video game status window asking if he wants to restart his life. 

Seolhwi vows to survive and grow stronger to rise to the top of the Demon Cult if given a chance to start over and make different choices.

And thus, the story of Seolhwi began to get stronger.

Murim RPG Simulation Review

At this point, it is a widespread formula for Manhwa to copy the reincarnation or status window setting to become a successful Manhwa.

When I read the Manhwa, the story feels repeatable, like a tried and tested story.

Where the main character gets op, somehow.

  • The Story:

A webtoon in which the writer’s abilities are immediately apparent (as I said earlier). 

Initially, the main character has a limited life, considers various options, and then discards them when he dies. The stats separated by the enemy and the main character’s history and stamina are inconsistent and irregular and have no meaning due to the strength of the other protagonists. 

All the elements are new at first and become familiar. 

Still, their importance drops as the story progresses, and the protagonist’s arbitrary development continues.

  • The Art

Honesty, I like the art, and the color panel is stunning. 

There is something about the way that these panels can be blended together that just looks amazing to me. The colors are also beautiful, giving the Manhwa a unique look. 

Here is one of my recent linking panels, and I love it!

Some of the fighting panels are also good, and here is of my favorites, like a Super Saiyan Broli 🤣

Super Saiyan Manhwa Character
Super Saiyan Manhwa Character

Final say

Finally, if you enjoy Manhwa, you should read this one. The art is one-of-a-kind and well worth your time. 

Nevertheless, even if the story is similar to other Manhwa, the art stands out, and it is worthwhile to read the Manhwa.

Well, hope you find this wiki helpful. 

If yes, let me know your thoughts on Murim RPG Simulation Wiki. 

If anything is missing, or you would like to add something, let me know in the comment below.

Stay Joyful.


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