Nezuko is one of the most likable characters in Demon slayer and one of the most powerful characters in Demon slayer, atleast for a while.

MaL fans rank her as the third most popular character Demon Slayer franchise.

Nezuko Kamado is constantly battling against turning into a demon and maintaining her humanity because she and his brother Tanjiro are the only two survivors of demons. 

With that, let’s know 9 Charming Facts About Nezuko Kamado.

9# Nezuko did not speak for almost 60 chapter

Nezuko does not speak
Nezuko does not speak

If you have read the chapter, you’ll know Nezuko has been silent for almost 60+ chapters. 

If you didn’t count ‘Hmmm’ or ‘Hmm’ as a talking. 

Although Nezuko did try to talk for a while but did not cause of the bamboo in her mouth.

8# Nezuko is good with Rock, Paper, scissors

Nezuko is good with Rock, Paper, scissors
Nezuko is good with Rock, Paper, scissors

Surprisingly, Nezuko is excellent in the rock, paper, and scissors game. When she and her brother cannot agree on a decision, they play the game rock, paper, scissors, and she always wins.

7# Nezuko has a special relationship with Hashira 

Nezuko special relationship with Hashira
Nezuko special relationship with Hashira

We can see this in this manga when Nezuko meets the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji. 

Mitsuri Kanroji sees Nezuko as an older sister and Nezuko as either a mother or a young sister.

6# Eyes Changed Colors Everytime Nezuko Transform

Nezuko Pink Eye color
Nezuko Pink Eye color

If you are only a manga reader, I’ll not know that Nezuko changes eye colour every time she transforms. 

Nezuko has pink eyes that symbolise her innocence, compassion, and sense of belonging to humanity.

5# Nezuko Hair colour changes in Demon form & Human to Later on

Nezuko Hair colour changes in Demon form
Nezuko Hair colour changes in Demon form

Nezuko’s hair colour was all black when she first became a demon. Still, as she wore them down, the ends began to become orange, giving them an ombre appearance. This is because Tanjiro can’t do her own hair right now and is quite terrible at doing it.

When Nezuko turns back into a human, her hair remains the same. At least they look good.

4# Nezuko was only 12 when she turned into Demon

12 year old Nezuko
12 year old Nezuko

It’s pretty sad to think that only 12-year-old Nezuko turn into a demon and still remains human sight.

While Two years had passed since Nezuko had last slept and Tanjiro had last trained with Urokodaki at the start of the series, while Tanjiro would later become 15, Nezuko became chronologically 14 years old while remaining legally a 12-year-old.

3# konpeitō – Nezuko favorite food.

konpeitō - Nezuko favorite food
konpeitō – Nezuko favorite food

Konpeite is a sugary treat made in Portugal and Japan that is available in various hues and tastes.

It is an attractive wagashi with a peculiar form and colours that is made almost entirely of sugar.

That explains her character monthly in pink colour and pink eye.

2# Nezuko Blood Demon Art is harmless to humans

Using the Blood Demon Art, Nezuko can make and control pinkish demonic flames that are formed from her blood. She ignites her blood or conjures it out of thin air to do this. 

Additionally, Blood Demon Art briefly reduces the demons’ capacity for regeneration.

The fascinating part is that it harms demons, leaving humans unharmed even when they come into contact with her fire.

1# Nezuko height is 153 CM & Age is 14

Tanjiro taking care of Nezuko
Tanjiro taking care of Nezuko

Nezuko is still a girl, so her height and Weight are like an average Japanese girl’s – Height 153 cm (5’0″), Weight 45 kg (99 lb).


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