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I do!

Then you will be sure to love ‘Ninja Kamui‘ anime.

An action, adventure Anime from Jujutsu kaisen, Director Greenlighted.

The fantastic anime follows the huge great success of Park’s Jujutsu Kaisen film, the seventh-largest animated film ever and Japan’s 15th highest-grossing film to date.

Sunghoo Park ( Jujutsu Kaisen, God of High School ) will be the director of the futuristic action/adventure series Ninja Kamui. Takeshi Okazaki ( Afro Samurai, Star Wars: Visions, Batman Ninja ) is responsible for the design of characters. E&H Production and Sola Entertainment ( Lord of The Rings: War of The Rohirrim, Blade Runner: Black Lotus Ultraman) produce the show.

Ninja Kamui
Ninja Kamui Panel

Story of Ninja Kamai 

Ninja Kamui is the story of Joe Higan. 

A Nukenin, known in the book as a former ninja who escaped his family, hides from the repercussions of his past violence in rural America and his loved ones

One night, he’s attacked by a group of assassins belonging to his previous organization, who demand brutal retribution upon Joe as well as his relatives for obstructing their old code of conduct. 

After a brief ‘death in the night, Joe is set to reappear as the person he was before -Ninja Kamui to bring revenge on his friends and family. Ninja Kamui is a 21st-century ninja (anime). 

He is an obscure and shady ninja who uses his old skills with brutal finesse against the latest weapons. 

He will have to fight trained assassins and combat cyborgs and rival Ninjas to take down the clan that created Kamui.

Character design and production of Ninja Kamui

Sunghoo Park,” the director of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 and JJK-0, will have a fresh new Anime Original Series called “Ninja Kamui.” 

Takesha Okazaki created the character designs, and E&H Production and Sola Entertainment produced the film.

Release Date of Ninja Kamui

Ninja Kamui’s release date is not confirmed yet by E&H Production and Sola Entertainment.

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