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Otome Game Artist
Otome Game

What is Otome?

Otome is a Japanese word that means a young maiden or girl. 

Otome games are female-oriented video games with a storyline that focuses on a female character.

Essentially there is a goal in the game. The main female character develops a romantic relationship with several male characters. 

A fantasy game that players love to play.

The otome genre of games is more prevalent in Japan, but these games have recently taken a shift and are getting more popular on the Westside.

The game mainly focuses on Visual novels and simulation games, particularly dating sims and life simulation games, which make up most of the genre.

History of Otome games 

The first-ever game of otome “Angelique” was released in 1994 by Ruby part on Super Famicom. 

A first ever otome game (women’s dating simulation) is known worldwide. 

The game was designed for pre-teen and younger teenage girls. Still, it quickly gained a following among older teenagers and women in their 20s.

A story of a regular high school girl student who is picked to run for Queen. She aspires to be the next Queen with the support of the nine Guardians. Which automatically let her become popular in high school.

Fact: The first-ever Otome game was created by a women’s team

The game was able to capture a loyal and close-knit fan base of girls. 

The game also has a sequel Angelique Luminaries which was released in 2021 by KOEI Tecmo and developed by Ruby party.

OK, enough of history. 

Let’s find out about some fantastic games on Otome.

Popular Games in the Otome industry 


Angelique Otome Game
Angelique First Otome Game

The first-ever game on Otome was launched on Super Famicon in 1994.

This is the world’s first otome (female dating simulator game) developed under Ruby Party.

The first otome game series in the Neo Romance series. Which was popular in the 19s, the game series is currently only available in Japan. 

Code Realize – Guardian of Rebirth

Code Realize - Guardian of Rebirth - Otome Game
Code Realize – Guardian of Rebirth – Otome Game

A remarkable woman with the greatest courage body contains a lethal toxin that rots or melts anything that comes into contact with it, earning her the nickname “monster” from the locals. 

To keep her vow to her father, Cardia lives in a restricted, abandoned mansion

Her father advises her to avoid people and fall in love, but he vanishes. Her peaceful seclusion is broken one day when the Royal Guards enter to apprehend her.

That’s when she meets Arsène Lupin, a gallant burglar who assists her in eluding the Royal Guards. 

Cardia then embarks on a quest with Lupin and his gang to discover her father and a cure to rid her body of the poison.

Wand of Fortune

Wand of Fortune - Otome Game
Wand of Fortune – Otome Game

LuLu is A Human girl who does not possess any magic attributes and sucks at magic. 

Her most crucial weapon is her positive thinking and staying joyful.

But a problematic child and horrible at magic.

Your objective in the game is to meet and win the hearts of one of the six guys, each of whom has unique attributes.

Hiiro no Kakera

Hiiro no Kakera -Otome Game
Hiiro no Kakera – -Otome Game

Tamaki Kasuga, a teenage girl who revisited her childhood village 

and get tangled in the family history, such as surrounding herself with supernatural danger.

The game was first launched in 2014 in Japan, then in North America and Europe in 2015. A steampunk style and a cast of literary and historical luminaries are included in the game.

The romance in Hiiro no Kakera is also an extreme point.

This anime’s romance is rather severe, which is not surprising for an otome game on action and magic.


Hakuoki Otome Game
Hakuoki – Otome Game

Hakuoki is a famous historical fantasy dating sim with numerous adaptations. 

The player takes control of Chizuru Yukimura, who is searching for her father in Kyoto.

She is saved by Shinsengumi after being attacked by monster men, and they decide to assist her in the hunt for her father.

The first release of this game was in 2010 on Playstation 2.

Like most otome games, this game is pretty popular with a fan which is not surprising because Hakuoki has a lot of multiple Anime series and movies.

Try it. You’ll love it.

I promise.

Otome game artists – Most loved ones (Top 5)

This article is incomplete with the one who creates such great art, a breathtaking one, indeed. 

The artist who blesses us with such blissful art is a genuinely talented one.

I prefer not to rank, I want to do is express my gratitude for their efforts.

So let’s begin.

5. Miko –  Code Realize, Toki no Kizuna

Code Realize by Miko
Code Realize by Miko
 Toki no Kizuna by Miko
Toki no Kizuna by Miko

This list is incomplete without Miko. Miko’s art is really unique, Especially with character expressions and eyes.

Eyes genuinely tell the story, The style reminded me of the rising of the shield hero, I don’t know why but yes.

The way the characters are designed and mastered is genuinely appreciable and takes years of skill.

4. Kazuki Yone – Hakuoki, Hiiro no Kakera

Hakuoki by Kazuki Yone
Hakuoki by Kazuki Yone
 Hiiro no Kakera by Kazuki Yone
Hiiro no Kakera by Kazuki Yone

There is not much info on Kazuki, but Some of her titles still stand out today.

The unique art style of characters designed by Kazuki Yone can quickly identify by fans.

Kazuki is also known for: Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Gaiden, Kagami no Miko, Hoshi no Furu Toki, Hiiro no Kakera, Hisui no Shizuku, Hakuouki, Kamigami no Asobi

3. Hanamura Mai – Amnesia, Collar x Malice

Amnesia by Hanamura Mai 
Amnesia by Hanamura Mai 
Collar x Malice by Hanamura Mai
Collar x Malice by Hanamura Mai

Well, who doesn’t know Hanamura Mai and her work Amnesia?

Her level of talent in art is genuinely admirable, She is famous as an Otome artist who has drawn officially for Fate/Grand Order.

You can just see her in her art. Especially I like the shading and coloring it certainly stands out.

My favorite Otome game artists.

2. Usuba Kagerou – Wand of Fortune, Variable Barricade

Wand of Fortune by Usuba Kagerou
Wand of Fortune by Usuba Kagerou
Variable Barricade by Usuba Kagerou
Variable Barricade by Usuba Kagerou

The Wand of Fortune series is undoubtedly her most well-known work, but don’t overlook Reine Des Fleurs.

Variable Barricade is something I’m really looking forward to!

1 .Suou – Bad Apple Wars, ALICE=ALICE

Bad Apple Wars by Suou
Bad Apple Wars By Suou

Suou has done many character designs, and Wasurenagusa is one of them.

I think Bad Apple wars is the most famous one, it is also an Otome visual novel video game developed by Otomate.


We love it, and I want to appreciate their work. Let me tell you guys, this is not easy to do, Otome game artists work hard to create art takes years of practice. 

A little appreciation wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Stay Joyful.


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