Quest supremacy widely also knows as Questism or Quest Jisang Juui.

Questism, also known as Quest supremacy, is a Korean based webtoon Manhwa written by YuNuni, and art by TAEWAN.

Its Slice of Life, Drama, and Sci-fi Manhwa revolve around our main character SUHYEON KIM a high school boy who constantly gets bullied by his classmate.

If you like other Manhwa like lookismdice, and Viralhit, this is gonna be amazing; you’ll surely enjoy this one too. 

A gaming seeking nerd who gets RPG quests in real life and thus gets top in the high school.

So here is everything you need to know about Quest supremacy wiki.

Questism – Quest Supremacy Wiki 

Questism - Quest Supremacy Wiki 
Questism – Quest Supremacy Wiki 

Suhyeon Kim is a gaming enthusiast who hates school and completely hates in mutual. 

He experiences constant bullying from his classmates every day, which makes him wish his life were more like the RPG quest games he plays. 

Suhyeon Kim screams Quest window 9 times and says this isn’t a web novel. 

Then suddenly!

When a mission appears in real life with a simple objective and a desirable prize, thus Suhyeon’s kim dream is finally granted. 

He accepts the opportunity since he has nothing to lose, and one mission soon leads to another. 

Suhyeon quickly discovers that he has gone from being an outcast nobody to the top of the school as the risks and rewards increase. 

Quest Supremacy review

If you are a Manhwa reader like me (a nerd), then you’ll instantly recognize Quest supremacy manhwa with others e.g. Viral Hit, LOOKISM.

  • The Story: 

 An average Manhwa with a decent plot to back up and some cute female.

Quest Supremacy cute female charaters
Quest Supremacy cute female charaters

This Manhwa setting is like, I’m no good at anything, I’m shy, plus introvert and very less to speak at school, and somehow my wish is granted, and I get popular.

It’s funny, cuz!

As soon as I read about the bullying scenario on newtube, I instinctively knew that Viral Hit would be mentioned.

The “guy suddenly acquires the power to become OP” in webtoon has never been more realistic than this one. 

The kid who is going to be the OP is puzzled AF since he has a quest window appearing because he screams it a lot, and wow! Suddenly everything becomes great for him.

  • The Art:

I honestly like the art, not too good, but not bad too. A decent art to back up the plot, and the Manhwa does not stop shining in when given the story a time. 

There are some really cool panels in this Manhwa.

  • The Direction:

I like how the author includes side characters in the story and gives them a proper time to develop. I mean, just look at this panel.

How good it is!

Quest Supremacy fighting
Quest Supremacy fighting

Final say 

It’s interesting to read another manhwa where the main character gets OP somehow, and it makes me want to read more of these kinds of Manhwa.

So here is a list of OP MCs in Manhwa.

In the end, Quest Supremacy Wiki delivers fun and excellent storytelling. It offers a unique and engaging experience that will surely keep you entertained for hours.

Stay Joyful.


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