Sanzu from Tokyo revengers is one of the most interesting characters and has a deep background story behind it. Sanzu is always true to his loyalty to his comrades. At least for the teenage version of himself. 

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  • Who is Sanzu in Tokyo Revengers?
  • Is Sanzu and Senju siblings?
  • How Old is Sanzu in Tokyo Revengers?
  • How did Haruchiyo Sanzu get his scars?
  • Each Haruchiyo sanzu timeline
  • Complete Analysis of Sanzu Tokyo Revengers

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Who is Sanzu in Tokyo Revengers?

Sanzu is vice-president of the Kantu Manji group for two years before the Kanto manji group’s founding, Haruchiyo sanzu was the fifth division vice-captain of the Tokyo manji gang and was later to follow Yasuhiro Muto into the tenjika gang in an alternate timeline. 

Is Sanzu and Senju siblings?

Yes! Sanzu Haruchiyo and Senju Kawagari is a sibling, and both shares an identical appearance too. Senju is a young lady with short pink hair, green eyes, and thick eyelashes, she resembles her older brother, Haruchiyo Sanzu, in terms of facial features.

How Old is Sanzu in Tokyo Revengers?

Sanzu Haruchiyo as a teenager he was 16 years old. In his younger days, he was 18 years old, As an adult he was 28 years old. Each alternate timeline of Sanzu has its own unique personality. 

How did Haruchiyo Sanzu get his scars?

In chapter 241, we discover Sanzu got his scar by ripping his mouth while sanzu sitting on his knees, and he is bleeding with two cuts on his face. Mikey coldly ordered sanzu to laugh, and he obeyed

Haruchiyo Sanzu get his scars
Haruchiyo Sanzu get his scars

Each Haruchiyo sanzu timeline has its own unique personality and trademark

  • Sanzu has a Teenager: Haruchiyo is a quiet adolescent who doesn’t speak much. He was incredibly devoted to individuals he worshipped and followed and much friendlier to them. Later on, it is discovered that he is quite skilled at fooling others and that he is also incredibly manipulative.
Sanzu Tokyo Revengers from 2006
Sanzu Tokyo Revengers from 2006
  • Sanzu has Younger: Before meeting Yasuhiro Muto, he was once said to as a wild horse that couldn’t stay out of trouble. This made controlling him by other gang factions very challenging.
Sanzu Tokyo Revengers from 2008
Sanzu Tokyo Revengers from 2008
  • Sanzu has Adult: Haruchiyo appears to be more outgoing, direct, and boisterous as an adult. He has psychopathic tendencies and is cruel.
Sanzu Tokyo Revengers from 2018
Sanzu Tokyo Revengers from 2018

Here is a Complete Analysis of Sanzu Tokyo Revengers

Sanzu was named vice president of the Kantu Manji group for two years before that group was formed. Kanto manji group’s formation. sanzu was the fifth division’s vice-captain in the Tokyo manji gang. He was later a follower of Yasuhiro Muto to join the tenjika gang in the alternate timeframe. 

sanzu usually has the Tokyo Manji outfit, that is, black masks. Sanzu has always been serene on his face.

Both of his ears are adorned with numerous piercings. They also have four piercings on both of his ears. As an adult. sanzu is a man with a long mullet which reaches down his shoulders. He also wears a blue-purple formal dress, and after the Tokyo manji gang is defunct, he no longer wears his black mask, revealing the two scars on both sides of each area of his lips. He also has a gang tattoo of the bonten clan visible on his right forearm during the early years of his life. sanzu wears a short bob swept to one side and then gelled back to the opposite side. The only time he wore a mask was until he met Yasuhiro Mudo. This is because muto was the captain of the fifth division of the Tokyo manji gang.

At the time that sanzu joined the fifth division, muto offered Sansa the mask to ensure they could conceal the marks on his face. Also, for his tattoos, sanzu was noticed wearing them on his right ear as a teenager. Sanzu maintained a calm manner, was not known to talk, and was extremely trustworthy and much more friendly to the people he followed and idolized. 

Still, it was later discovered that he is extremely manipulative and adept at deceiving others. In his youth, before meeting Yasuhara mudo Mikey. Yasuhara Mudo. Mikey described sanzu as a wild horse that couldn’t escape trouble, making it difficult for the other divisions of the gang to handle the horse in adulthood. sanzu is more outgoing, loud and extroverted with a ruthless streak and exhibits psychotic traits sanzu is also proven to be taking a variety of substances that are believed to play a significant role in his bizarre behaviour and change in personality. The most well-known characteristic of sanzu is his obsession with Manjuro Sano, believing that Mikey is his king.

Deserves the respect of the greatest dedication and loyalty, sanzu is so prone to guarding Mikey or, at the very least, his image that he attacked a complete band of people on his own when they began to slam the Tokyo manji gang. 

He also contacted Yasuhiro mutto after his release from detention solely to kill him because he had betrayed Mikey sanzu, even going to the extent of slashing the man to death and leaving his remains to be discovered later in the present time, the sadistic joy and an infamous euphoria when executing traitors. While in the process of executing the traitor, sanzu declares that he’s following the orders of his president Mikey. sanzu came across taka Michi in the future timeline. sanzu instructed him to remain silent until the king was about to speak and threatened to kill taka Michi due to his brash behaviour. The king believed it was an indication of disrespect for Mikey sanzu appears to be a calm and reliable person. Still, he’s actually A very manipulative individual and was able to influence Yasuhiro Muro to manipulate Yasuhiro Muro for Avery long period of time. sanzu was later killed after Muto was a traitor to his president. Mikey sanzu even joined muto in the gang tenjuku.

Sanzu forced muto completely believe that the gang was his. Sanzu convinced muto to believe that the gang was his by telling him that he was an only child, so he always desired a bigger brother like him. muto completely believed in him. Within chapter 241 from Tokyo revengers, we learn the background of sanzu, and we discover that he was a childhood friend of Mikey and Bhaji sanzu. The two were always together when they were kids. According to Senju, sanzu was a decent boy who did nothing wrong. However, he was blamed for errors that were never committed. In chapter 241, we learn why sanzu suffered the marks on his face.

Turns out that it was actually Mikey who is the person accountable for causing Sansa the facial scars. This was the result of senja breaking the toy plane belonging to Mikey. Mikey and senja concocted the story and claimed to Mikey the truth. sanzu was responsible for breaking the plane due to being afraid. In the next panel, we are shown sanzu sitting on his knees, his mouth ripped, and he was bleeding with two cuts on his face. The two cuts were bleeding everywhere sanzu was clutching his mouth and trying to keep his pain. Still, he couldn’t keep the pain felt, and sanzu immediately began screaming in pain. Mikey’s hands had been covered with blood. Mikey was looking at sanzu, but there was something odd that was happening to Mikey. was wearing an

The look of terror on his face. His eyes were cold. Then Mikey told sanzu to smile, and sanzu took Mikey’s advice and laughed, and that is the way sanzu was left with the facial scars. sanzu is a very powerful fighter and frequently uses weapons for fighting, like when he faced the haitani brothers, he used an iron pole, and when sanzu was fighting against the former captain of the 5th division of the Tokyo manji gang Yasuhiro Muto sanzu employed an axe to eliminate Yasuhiro Muto. He then made use of the sword to strike him across his chest. 

While slashing at motocross, sanzu was then able to accuse muto of being a traitor. sanzu is then able to tell Muto that I’ve been deceiving you for a long time since that day to accomplish this exact purpose. The day we played shogi, I said it, did I not? Didn’t I say that the king was more important than everything other than the day you deceived Mikey was the day that you were slapped in the face sanzu states all this with a smile as he brutally kills his former captain. Also, during the war of the three gods, sanzu was able to fight both the haitani brothers by himself. 

The two brothers were able to fight the haitani brothers as equals. After the war ended, their fight was an unbeatable draw. Also, sanzu could take direct blows from the older haitani brothers and continue fighting. Please let me tell me in the comments below what you think regarding the role of sanzu Haruchiyo. I really enjoyed sanzu in his role as an actor. I considered him to be a mysterious character. I would like to see if we can know more about his background.

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