Sleepless Nights of a Maid, also known as Sleepless Maid’s Night, is a novel and has currently been adopted in Manhwa.

The English translation of Manhwa is currently over 5 chapters and is ongoing. Korean ones have over 26 chapters and are continuing too.

The author of Sleepless Nights of a Maid is Hong Se -Ra, and the novel was first published in 7/12/2022 on ridibooks.

Moreover, the novel has quite expanded, with 174 episodes to read. 

However, the novel ended on 04.11.2021. 

But recently, the Sleepless Nights of a Maid novel has presented us with 7 extra episodes in 12/8/2022.

So enough of the novel, let’s get into spoilers.

Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler + (Overview)

Sleepless Nights of a Maid
Sleepless Nights of a Maid

Eva Macys, formerly a noble family’s daughter, now resides with friends and leads a maid’s life. When her life was at its lowest, she first met him. Her former fiancé Prince Edward was a stunning, powerful, and captivating guy.

“Why do you cry, aren’t you?”

Edward took Eva’s injured foot and demanded with apprehension.

“… It’s embarrassing. Black.”

Was it because his voice was gentle?

The words that were silent throughout the entire time poured out without realizing they were embarrassed. The appearance of getting drenched in water, his socks with holes, and the state of his own that fell to his bottom were shocking to the core.

“It hurts, so what’s the problem? Her feet look so beautiful.”

It’s not like this.

“There aren’t any things to be embarrassed about. No matter what the reason, you’ve not committed any wrongdoing. Eva.”

Edward comforted her when she took a break and called her name.

I only learned about it when he left.

The person there for quite a time was a burden on his heart. 

Was his first lover.

After a tough time, I finally met Edward again.

She defeated several noble maidens and was crowned the royal family’s princess.

As she grew, her heart, she grew stronger and stronger.

If I don’t think of him.

“It is the maid’s job in your bedroom to see if anything is lacking before you go to bed. Therefore, she can hold your hand, yet she likes.”

“Have I ever done anything wrong? Have I ever behaved my way in front of the young-ae?” The

The tone of her voice was harsher than it was before. The twinkling eyes around her seemed very intimidating.

“If I had known you’d be invited to the Imperial Palace, I didn’t even bother to send it that day.”

Edward, who brought her head up to her ear, alerted with a low voice:

“So I’m considering doing it the way I want the next time.”

You can read the novel here (official):  Sleepless Maid’s Night

Sleepless Nights of a Maid – Review

I finished the first 3 chapter reading, and it was good even though it was translated into english. 

The minimum age requirement is 15 years old, although this does not prohibit anyone from purchasing without a licence. 

But beware, there are some 19+ (creative, I’ll say) for 15+ Adult scenes in the novel. 

As I said, the English translation was accurate and easy to follow. 

I adored the novel

Yes, the male is obsessive, but she is also caring and gentle. The Female is intelligent, dependable, and nice; 

I really liked her. 

The plot twists are well done. 

The second half continued to be suspenseful. I recommend reading it.

Because it has a happy ending in the end. 

  • The Art

I was a bit disappointed with the Manhwa adaptation, the featured image I saw created a different picture in my mind, and when I saw the Manhwa, I was like 😣.

The panel are vibrant tho, and the art is decent, nothing bets that, other than that your own expectation.

Final Say 

Well, if you like strong love relationships, Manhwa, here you have it. I’ll call it an average. 

What’s your thought on Sleepless Nights of a Maid spoiler?

Let me know in the comment! I’m eager to see it.

Stay joyful.


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