South Korean web novel Solo Leveling ended with its final chapter of the adaptation to manhwa beginning in January 2022. 

Will Solo Leveling Special Chapters return and if Yes? Then when let’us find out:

Quick recap – Synopsis Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling (Na Honjaman Lebel-eob) is a Korean book authored by Chu-Gong. It was published in Papyrus and then in KakaoPage and ended with 14 volumes and 270 chapters. On April 13, 2018, a webtoon serialization by artists Hyeon – Gun and Jang Sung-Rak began on the Korean mobile service KakaoPage.

Is Solo Leveling Manhwa returning?

The newly released information suggests there’s no end to the series since Solo Leveling is returning. In a statement made at the site of Tapas, it appears that the Solo Leveling Webtoon is set to return with new chapters shortly. There’s no official date of when it will be back, but the info suggests that it’s coming soon since, at present, Solo Leveling is absent for a few days.

Here is Team Tapas in their own words

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your continued support of The main story has come to an end and so we will be taking a hiatus before returning with special episodes at a later date! Thank you and we’ll see you again!

By – Team Tapas 

Solo Leveling Special chapter released Date

There’s no specific date that has been provided by Tapas. However, Tapas did announce that the Scanlation Group, Flame Scans, announced that Solo Leveling will return with stories from the side and an epilogue in the third quarter of 2022.

To clarify, Tapas is a webcomic platform with the legal right to publish its Solo Leveling manhwa in English. It’s a subsidiary business to Kakao Page and works on the freemium model of business; several series have the first few episodes free, but the rest of the attacks have to be purchased.

Solo Leveling manhwa is an adaptation of a web-based novel created by Chugong. There’s a distinct secondary story in the novel companion that reveals the future of Sung Jin Woo and Cha Hae following the story’s conclusion. There are also additional events that are pretty thrilling to read.

The fans hope this unique story will provide a more satisfying conclusion to the tale that is Solo Leveling and will increase the several 20-25 chapters in the webtoon. Novelists are aware of the story and have been waiting for an extended period to experience the adaptation in the manhwa.


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