I’m sure you love music, and if you’re an anime fan, you will definitely love Japanese Anime Music, Especially Anime opening. 

In this Article, I’ll discuss about Underrated Anime singersJapanese artists and Bands, especially those who are truly underrated and hardly get any reconnection. 

Even if we don’t understand what’s in the song, we can sense the passion and emotion that the Underrated Japanese artists put into creating.

Japan is one of those countries where I’m sure almost everyone is interested in it, either their food, culture or something else. 

It’s a country that offers everything, especially when it comes to music. Ranging from metal to indie pop/rock, 

Here’s a list of the Most Underrated Japanese artists you should know about:

Underrated Anime singers

Minori Chihara

Underrated Anime singer - Minori Chihara
Minori Chihara

2004 was her first year as a voice actor, playing the role of Aya Natsume, the heroine in TV’s animated series “Tenjho Tenge“. 

She has been in numerous popular films since then. She made her major-label debut in the same year. She has performed more than 100 solo concerts across the country and large-scale shows at Nippon Budokan and Makuhari Event Hall. 

She stopped singing in 2021. For three days, she will be challenging a new project at Kawaguchiko Circular Hall, Fujikawaguchiko Town, from December 23rd through December 25th, 2022.

Minori Chihara is still an underrated anime singer, and My favourite one is Michishirube.

Minori Chihara well know song’s 

Michishirube – From “Violet Evergarden

Chihara Minori – From “Ga-Rei: Zero”

Itsuka no Watashi e (いつかのわたしへ)

Minori Chihara Official Webiste – Minorichihara

Minori Chihara Instagram –instagram

Sumire Uesaka

Underrated Anime singer - Sumire Uesaka
Sumire Uesaka

Sumire Uesaka is a voice actor and singer who is presently a member currently affiliated with Space Craft Entertainment

Due to several reasons, Sumire Uesaka left social media, especially Twitter, because of constant online sexual harassment. 

Sumire Uesaka – Hobbies/specialities are: Fallen bridge, typing, singing, and electric guitar.

Fun Fact: Sumire Ueasaka is Fluent in speaking Russia and has a great interest in Russian culture.

Sumire Uesaka Well know song’s

「EASY LOVE」Music Video – From Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

Bon ♡ Kyu – Sumire Uesaka

Sumire Uesaka Offical Webiste – Uesaka_sumire


underrated anime singer - Yoasobi

Yoasobi is a Musical duo, Japanese music that Sony Music Entertainment Japan formed. It is composed of vocals. 

Many of us know this song (Yoasobi – Racing into the Night) now, but it only happened after it became viral via social media, a truly underrated anime singer.

Before then, the Yoasobi was not famous as today. 

Yoasobi’s 2019 debut song, “HT1_ Yoru Ni Kakeru “, was a hit on many Japanese music charts, and it also helped them reach the top of the Billboard Japan Hot 100.

Yoasobi Well know song’s

YOASOBI “Racing into the Night” 


Yoasobi Official Webiste: Yoasobi-music

Reina Ueda

 underrated anime singer
Reina Ueda

Reina Ueda a voice and singer, Naru Sekiya, the lead char of the 2014 anime series Hanayamata, was Reina Ueda’s first major role. 

She’s also renowned for her roles in Dimension W as Mira Yurisaki.

She is an underrated anime singer and voice actress, and she has done countless anime characters, such as Tsuyuri Kanao from Demon slayer, 

Hell from Takt Op. Destiny.

She was born in Toyama Prefecture.

Hobbies & Skills: Watercolor/ballpoint pen drawing, cleaning.

Award history: 5th 81 Audition Special Award / Shogakukan Award

9th Voice Actor Award New Actress Award

Reina Ueda well know song’s

Literature – Opening Majo no Tabitabi 

Caligula – renetto from The Caligula Effect

Reina Ueda Webiste (not official ) – Reina Ueda

These really are underrated anime singers.

Now let’s look at some Japanese artists/Bands, especially underrated ones, who barely get recognized.

Underrated Japanese Artists/Bands

Japanese Artists/Bands
Japanese Artists/Bands

1. Kikagaku Moyo

 If you like psychedelic music and you haven’t heard of these guys, you should stop what you’re doing and listen to them. They have a godlike sitar player, and their style blends a lot of psychedelic rock with folk influences. Masana Temples, their most recent album, was released last year.

2. DYGL 

I’m not sure how DYGL hasn’t stormed onto the indie rock scene yet. Their music is both catchy and well-written. Even though their fame in Japan is far greater than in the rest of the globe, indie lovers cannot afford to overlook these men.

3. No Buses 

A prospective foursome with only a few songs available on SoundCloud and YouTube, but they are excellent. They’re an indie-pop/rock band that’s just been around for a few years, and fans of Arctic Monkeys-style bands should undoubtedly check them out.

4. Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu

There’s ‘Pirate Metal,’ ‘Viking Metal,’ and now there’s ‘Samurai Metal,’ thanks to these trio. Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu is best described in this way. 

Distinctive thrash metal band with ultra-catchy riffs, a lot of slap bass, and Samurai and Japanese mythology lyrics. All of them are sung in Japanese, which works remarkably well with their music’s flow.

5.Grimm Grimm

The Koichi Yamanoha album will inspire you to dream. The gentle guitar passages are infused with an ethereal vibe and folk elements mingled with synthesizers. 

This is all done by a single man who can capture his listeners with the spirit of Japanese folk music and create a euphoric vibe—the perfect balance of dark and emotional.

Honourable mentions – Japanese Artists/Bands

Outer Limits / The Scene of Pale Blue(1987) 

Signal Fire – BOW WOW, This song is from 1977 

I don’t think this is the finest song on the album, but I enjoy Loudness’s work.

Cool tunes too

And one more for today.

Final say

Look, I know many who deserve to be in this Article who truly are underrated Anime singers

Some are awesome. 

some you may like, 

and some I may. 

This was not easy for me to answer the question. I tried my best, and I hope you like it.

Let me know your favourite Underrated anime Artist in the comment. 

Stay Joyful.


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