“Any desire for freedom that leads to desire for more freedom is not freedom.” 

This quote sums up the whole conversation on Freedom, but the big question remains the same.

How much Freedom does one want?

One can never have enough until that one loses something very precious. In this case, for Eren is his friend, and he’s doing everything he can to annihilate titans from existence for his friends and for Mikasa. 

I know I’m going a little off track, but allow me to explain.

Freedom lies in those who desire the most

Eren did it, the most desirable thing he wants in this world is Freedom. Freedom from walls, Freedom from titans, Freedom from slavery. Eren see’s his Freedom in the bird (for us, it’s just a presentation of who is a bird). 

What does the Eren bird Symbolize?

It is symptomatic of Freedom, a symbol that represents Freedom. We, humans, are bounded by our own boundaries & imagination, with our limitations, but the bird has no limits he can fly anywhere he likes.

There are two types of birds in AOT

Crows in AOT
Crows in AOT
  • Crows

Crows symbolize ‘death’, ‘bad luck’, and ‘unlucky’ moments, which have black feathers, are messengers of war, prey on the dead, and are brought by Eren. It has been established that Eren is sad and suffering; in the chapter titled “Devils of the Island


Jaeger Bird in AOT
Jaeger Bird in AOT
  • Jaeger

On the other hand, Jaeger is protrade as Freedom, who has no boundaries. “Eren bird” as a fowl or his future self (just a theory) is often spotted in the manga, primarily where conversation occurs. 

What does Eren’s Bird Jaeger bird symbolize? 

Jaeger symbolizes as symptomatic of Freedom, a bird who travels across the sea to North America, Asia, and Europe. Thus it represents Freedom without any wall to hold them back. 

How did Eren turn into a bird?

Eren did not turn into a bird, and neither did he reincarnate into a bird. It is merely a representation of Eren’s presence and will that he is watching and seeing over his friends. 

Bird Eren in manga
Bird Eren in manga

Eren was a founding titan, and he also won over Ymir. Technically, Eren could control the death or birth of any eldian… So why not Reincarnation? He wanted to live, even though he knew he didn’t have the right after all he had done.

Eren knew what he had done and wounded be allowed to live himself. Even if he wanted to live with Mikasa and with his friends.

Why choose a bird as a Symbol of Freedom?

We humans often complain about what we don’t have and needlessly desire a thing far beyond our hands, as eren did in the first chapter looking at the sky, wondering, “What just happened” is his dream, and asking Mikasa “, did your hair grow back” as if his whole life is Hourglass. 

The only difference is that “the bird is always on top”, and “eren is always down” and always seeking to go up for Freedom.

How did Falco turn into Bird Titan & Does it reference anything to eren?

Falco accidentally ingested Zeke’s spinal fluid when he struck Niccolo in the head with a wine bottle during his rage. He swallowed Porco and took over his Jaw Titan when Zeke’s scream transformed him into a Pure Titan.

It was a disparate need for eren friends to return to eren, and at that moment, Falco turned into a Bird titan. 

However, he was given additional traits like wings, talons, and a beak since he inherited DNA from a Beast Titan. He also gained access to Zeke’s memories, where he learned that there had once been a flying Beast Titan that had flown across the skies.

Attack on Titan – Overview

A century ago, humanity was nearly wiped out by massive humanoid beasts known as Titans, which forced humans to flee in terror behind giant walls. 

What makes these beasts truly scary is that their love for human flesh isn’t a result of hunger. 

However, it appears from a sense of pleasure. To ensure they would survive humans, the remaining humans started living in defensive boundaries that lasted for a hundred years of nary a titan-to-titan encounter. But, this fragile peace is soon destroyed when a gigantic Titan can break through the wall that is thought to be impervious and rekindles the struggle for survival against men-eating beasts.

After suffering a terrible personal loss from invading creatures, Eren Yeager is determined to dedicate his life to eradicating them by joining the Survey Corps, an elite military unit fighting the brutal humanoids that are not protected by the walls. 

From the wall. Eren and the adopted daughter of Mikasa Ackerman, and his childhood acquaintance Armin Arlert are enlisted in the bloody conflict with the Titans and attempt to find ways to defeat them before the last barriers are broken.

Final Say

Personally, I don’t believe Eren was reborn as a bird; instead, I believe the bird carried on Eren’s memories or will. And the bird stands for his Freedom at last.

Stay Joyful.


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